Friday, 8 August 2014

Beaches, camp-fires and haribos

The other day my friends and I took a spontaneous late-night trip to one of the beaches nearby us. We left at about half nine, just in time to catch the sunset, as you can see above. The beach we went to is underneath the Fourth road Bridge and the Fourth Rail bridge which link Edinburgh and Fife. It's really very scenic and it was lovely sitting with a fire as it got dark admiring the lights of the rail bridge. It's been one of our favourite places to go since some of us have learned to drive and you can get the most amazing ice cream there during the day!

It did get fairly chilly after a while and I found myself with about 8 layers by the time we eventually went home and since it had been raining it was really hard to find dry wood to keep our fire going so it kept dying out. We salvaged the flames we had to toast marshmallows and make s'mores and we sang loudly to our heart's content (until we realised it was one in the morning and there's a house on the beach where people were presumably trying to sleep!) and mourned the fact no one had thought to bring a guitar.

A good night.

Do you ever have late night beach trips? 


  1. I'm going camping at the beach this weekend! So I guess we will have a late night there ;) And wow those gummies look so good <3

    Every Day In Grace

  2. woah it looks so pretty :) id love to have a campfire on a beach! the view looks amazing, great post! xx

  3. This must have been such a fun evening! I love this kind of stuff :)

  4. lovely photos, wish i lived by a beach! xx


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