Saturday, 12 July 2014

Burgundy velvet and recycled wardrobes

I've had the house all to myself this week because my family have jetted off to Turkey without me (cheeky!). It's been kind of nice though. I've had free roam of anything and everything - the tv, the fridge, the best armchair in the house and, crucial to this blog post, my mum's wardrobe.

I'm one of those lucky people who live in a family where everyone's roughly the same size (short with stubby legs and long torsos :( ) and so I basically have three wardrobes. My mum, my sister and I tend to interchange our clothes a lot of the time and I'm lucky in the sense that my mum has - or at least had, back in the day - a pretty good sense of fashion. She's one of these people who refuses to throw things out in the hope that they'll come back into fashion in ten years time and, thankfully for me, she seems to have a pretty good eye for it. This week I've been rummaging through the deepest, darkest depths and picking out some really lovely things, amongst them this fitted, velvet-feel burgundy skirt.

I wore it to my friend's 18th along with this black and white crop top I bought from H&M for £3.99 and a pair of brown leather sandal heels from New Look. I also paired it with some fairly dark lipstick to try and make it a bit matchy-matchy because who doesn't love matching clothes and makeup?!

Do you recycle your mum's clothes from back in the day?



  1. Love this look! Must be nice to have the house all to yourself! I always share my closet with my mom. I tend to steal some of her clothes when she isnt looking! -- Lindsey xx

  2. You are an absolute beauty! I would definitely wear that outfit!

  3. I love the top, it's so cute. I always wear my mum's old clothes and put a current twist into the outfits.
    Molly Louise Blogs xo

  4. Yes, I wear my mum's clothes from her teenage years sometimes. I often find nice items and give it a little twist to it, just like Molly!
    I love your lipstick color by the way!

  5. I love your skirt and your top and your blog! I love everything omg. Your hair is amazing. I'm following you now on GFC & Bloglovin.


  6. Great look ;)

  7. You look gorgeous in this outfit, love your skirt and top <3

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  8. Love your outfit. The floral print top looks great on you!
    I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post if you get a second.


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