Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer wardrobe favourites

I'm definitely bad for buying a new piece of clothing or an accessory and becoming obsessed with it and wearing it ALL THE TIME. I don't necessarily think that this is a bad thing however - on the contrary, I hate it when I spend money on something and never get good wear out of it. As long as you accessorise a piece differently, I think you can get a good few months wear out of it before people start wondering if you ever actually wash it. This summer I have a few things that I've barely stopped wearing and appear to create the base of my summer wardrobe. Here are the culprits:

 Dungarees dress:
I actually nicked this little dungarees dress out of my sister's wardrobe because she's had it for months and hasn't touched it. I thought it was simply too good to go untouched for such a long time it has to be surrendered to the stuff-that-was-never-worn-and-is-now-out-of-fashion pile. I think there was actually a week where I wore it four times. It's just so versatile - you can pair it with basically anything you want; a fancy blouse, a baggy vest, a lacy crop top or just a good plain-old white tee (my personal favourite!). The other thing I love about it is that it's really short. 'A bit promiscuous, are we?' I hear you say. Nope, do not fret! My extremely short legs make a lot of dresses look too long, so this little dress is a gem on when I want to look in proportion to my legs (Which is most of the time, so that might explain why I wear this so much ha ha ha.)

Dress: Primark
 THIS. This dress is the absolute holy grail of summer dresses, I'm telling you. It's light, its summery, the colours are fab and the pattern is even more fab. I love the shape, even if it is slightly guilty of making my legs look weird as I mentioned above. But, that's easily fixed my hoisting the dress up a little and putting a thin belt round my waist to keep it in place. I actually also really like the fact it has sleeves because Britain isn't the warmest of places, even in the summer so this means I don't need to take a cardigan or a jumper incase a breeze picks up. AND THE BEST BIT YET... it was an absolute STEAL at £5! That's right. I was so happy with it I went back and bought two more in different patterns. One of them actually has short sleeves but it's the same shape apart from that.

 Shoes: New Look
Every girl in the universe needs a pair of summery heeled sandals. Preferably tan because it goes with everything. I bought these in New Look a few weeks ago for going on holiday. I bought them for about £40 but I believe they're now in the sale for £18 if you'd like to get your hands on them (Damn you, New Look!). They're real leather which is so so soft and they're comfy and easy to walk in. Not to mention they look good with literally everything.

Belt: New Look
Ok, this one's maybe technically cheating a little bit because this would probably appear in my Spring, Autumn and Winter favourites too but what the hey. This belt is probably one of the biggest staples in my wardrobe. It goes with anything and everything and I can wear it as a hip or a waist belt. I'll usually pair it with high waisted shorts or jeans but sometimes I like wearing it as a wasist belt with a dress. It's pretty, practical and comfy and I don't know what I'd do without it. It's also the second tan item on my list because I love tan (my boyfriend brought this to my realisation when he pointed out that I was wearing a tan belt, bag and shoes, and mentioned how I never seem to be parted from at least one of my tan belt, bag or shoes.) so that's maybe another reason I love this so much.

So. Which of these are your favourites? What are your summer wardrobe favourites?



  1. Really amazing pieces Amy, you have a great style! :)

  2. Those first two dresses are the cutest things ever. So in love with denim everything!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  3. I LOVE your overall dress! HOLY CUTE!

  4. I really love those dresses, they look amazing! x

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  5. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous.

    xo erica

  6. absolutely love your dungaree dress! x

  7. I love these pieces, especially the dungaree dress and the floral dress x


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