Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to: winged eyeshadow

 I love doing my eyeshadow like this. Not only does it look good for parties or whatever, it's also super easy.

What you'll need:
Black eyeshadow.
I used the black eyeshadow on the top right
 Some form of shimmery white or pale pink eyeshadow. I used the pale pink in the middle of the bottom row.
 An eyeliner pencil - mine is a rimmel one which I don't know the actual name of
Mascara - Mine is Rimmel Sexy Crves in intense black
Liquid eyeliner (optional) - Mine is 2 True waterproof eyeliner

1. Dust your top lid and tear duct with your shimmery eyeshadow.

2. Use your eyeliner pencil to line your bottom eyelid, only going about half way along. Draw a dot next to your eye where you want your wing to come to a point.

3. Still using your eyeliner pencil, draw a line from the corner of your eyelid to the dot and then up to the crease of your eye. If you don't have a crease just guess where it would be or decide how high you want the eyeshadow to come up.

4. Starting in the outline you just drew use your black eyeshadow to fill in about half of your eyelid. Use your finger to blend the black into the shimmery white/pale pink

5. Use your black eyeshadow to darken in your crease and then - if you want - line your upper eyelid with the liquid eyeliner.

6. Finish with some mascara.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Tie-dye: round 2

Since my last tie dye post ( Tie-dye ), I've had another go at doing some more of my own tie dye. These are just a couple of the few I've done as the others didn't work so well. As it turns out, pink and purple is the best colour combo. In the pictures, both items are still a bit wet and crinkled but once they're dried and washed they'll be ready to wear. I am absolutely in love with the jumper. Especially since Urban Outfitters are selling virtually the same thing ( for example here  and here ) for £25+. I prefer the ones I've made myself anyway. It's nice when someone says "where did you get that?" and you can say that you put in the effort and made it yourself for a fraction of the price. The t-shirt cost me £2 from Primark and the jumper cost me about £10 from H&M. The dye itself costs around £2 per pack, so overall I definitely got my money's worth!

What do you think?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Freckles, levi's and sunglasses

Shorts:Vintage fair
Badge:Vintage fair
Eye ring:Topshop
Silver ring:Unknown (sorry!)

Long time, no see huh? Oh well, sorry. 

Last Monday and Tuesday were absolutely beautiful here. It was really sunny so I sat outside all day and did revision (I'm on exam leave). I actually ended up quite badly burning my shoulders which I wasn't expecting in May in Scotland. The sun has also given me about 600 new freckles and has made them go really dark. I don't mind my freckles though, like a lot of people who have them seem to!

The jumper you see here has since been tie-dyed along with three or four other t-shirts. I could not be happier with it and plan on posting about it tomorrow.

What do you think?