Saturday, 9 March 2013

American Apparel disco pant dupes

 Disco pants: Amazon - £17.99
I've kind of been fancying myself a pair of disco pants recently and although I wish I had the money to buy the original American Apparel ones, unfortunately I do not. Therefore, instead I had a little hunt about on Amazon and eventually came across a pair of very decently-priced (£17.99) ones. There was a choice of navy or black and I decided to go for navy, just because I liked them better. I'm usually a 6 or an 8 so I went for an 8 because I'd heard they are pretty tight.

I think I made the right decision. They are pretty skin tight and I did have a little bit of difficulty getting them on, but once I was in I found how incredibly comfy they are. I do not lie, they are amazingly comfortable and another great thing about them is that they suck you in pretty well. I always thought disco pants looked pretty uncomfortable and that you'd be offering your wobbly bits to the world if you wore them, but no. Not at all.

My only criticism, and it's not even really a criticism, is that they are pretty long for my stubby legs. That's more just me having short legs than a flaw in the design but it does mean they tend to bunch up around my ankles which makes them look a bit loose there. CURSE MY INHERENT SHORT-LEGGEDNESS AND THE DISADVANTAGES IT BRINGS.

Anyway, despite that, I would recommend these disco pants as a cheap alternative to A.A.'s ones, especially if you have the beautiful long legs I lack! Either way, I'm sure you can find a way to make them work.

What do you think?



  1. Ohh I love them! :D

  2. I love them, and I'm quite tall so they should be perfect x

  3. I love these, I want to get a pair for myself xx

  4. I would definitely have the same short-legged problem!! But these look like amazing dupes and really good value too. The only ones I have tried were super bad quality so I've been put off - maybe time to try again!

  5. you look hot in them disco pantz girl!


  6. Do you have a link to these? I've hunted on Amazon but can't seen to find a nice quality pair.

  7. Does anyone have the link for these? and yes I'm only reading this now!

    1. I don't think they do these actual ones anymore but here's a similar pair:


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