Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Vintage cameras and ombre nails

 A couple of days ago I found this beautiful old camera in my dad's drawer which I had to show you because it's so pretty. Obviously it needs film to run which, at the moment, it hasn't got but hopefully he'll let me have it and I'll be able to get some film for it!
I did my nails this morning and I decided to try and do a kind of ombre thingy on them. I had seen it done before with two colours but I decided to add in a third colour in the middle. The colours I used were light blue and purple from a Claire's set and one called 'Purple Haze' (even though it's pink) which I got in a magazine and doesn't seem to have a brand on it.

I just painted all my nails with the light blue; waited for it to dry; poured a bit of the purple onto a piece of paper and dipped in a little sponge and then sponged it three quarters of the way up my nail starting from the bottom; waited for that to dry and then did the same with the pink paint but this time I only sponged up about half way. Simples.



  1. I love both the cameras and nails. I really want a vintagey camera but at the moment I'm trying to save up for a camera and a new laptop so I can improve my blog so I guess I'll have to wait :( x

  2. I love the first picture, it is something you would see on tumblr with 51,045 reblogs! Very cute. I love vintage cameras too, my mum collects them so they are everywhere at home! Good job with your nails too! They are lovely colours.

    E x


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