Monday, 4 February 2013

New Stuff!

Okay so long time, no see huh? Yeah, sorry about that. Stuff's been busy but I'm not going to get into excuses.

So in a couple of months my school are having a 'Spring Fling'. This isn't the kind of clich├ęd dance they have in America though, it's a ceilidh. So because ceilidhs are typically Scottish events, and because I'm Scottish, I thought I'd buy myself a tartan dress and some new shoes.
I really thought everything about this dress was lovely, the little velvety collar and the love heart back are such lovely little details.

When I initially ordered these I thought they might be too high but actually, when they arrived and I tried them on I found I could walk quite easily in them because of the big platform. I probably won't be able to dance in them - and it's twirly partner dancing, not just bouncing up and down dancing - but I'll take flats with me for that!

Sorry it was such a quick one but I should have a review coming for you fairly soon!


  1. I've always wanted to go to a proper ceilidh. Love your outfit x

  2. I love that dress, the cut out detail is so pretty.

    Janine xx


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