Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Today, I'm just going to WRITE

Today I've decided I'm just going to write and have a bit of a cosy catch-up because it's something I rarely do on this blog, but something I should do more often because I love writing. I feel like I've lost my mojo a bit recently, in regards to blog posts and they've become a little few and far between so hopefully this'll help me get back on track.

 So first, happy November! I'm really feeling like winter's already here because it's so cold all the time already. I can't believe it's Christmas next month. Anyway, yesterday we had the most beautiful sunset and I stood outside after school and watched it, equipped with my camera, of course. The colours were so pretty - all light pinks and purples and fiery oranges and reds. I just wanted to jump into a Volkswagen camper van, grab all my friends and drive to the beach and be cute and watch the sun go down with them. We could have had a wee fire and brought our ukuleles and sat singing campfire songs and toasting marshmallows. Actually, the picture kind of reminds me of something you'd see Tumblr.

And speaking of Tumblr, I'm really enjoying going on there and just having a root around there at the moment. There's so many really beautiful pictures that I can sometimes get a bit of inspiration for my own blog from. In fact I might just stop here and show you a few of my favourites. 
(what was I literally just saying?)

Ok, onwards. I have been introduced to a new band and, seriously, I like, fancy their music. They're called the Lumineers and you should listen to them. The song I've posted below is called 'Ho Hey' and it's pretty much their most well known song so you might have heard it before, but if not, give it a listen. It's so happy and uplifting. Another one by them, which is a bit different but still so absolutely amazing, is called 'Flapper Girl'. Listen to that if you get a chance.

Anyway, I think that is all you're getting for today!


  1. I love going through Tumblr whilst im wrapped up in my blanket. And the Lumineers are just awesome, I saw their album on an ad and I was hooked, ho hey is my favourite.

  2. love

    A chic kiss ;)


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