Friday, 23 November 2012

Fashion vouchers blogger challenge: christmas party

I received an e-mail recently about another competition are running where you must create an outfit using pieces from a merchant of your choice selected from a list provided on the website. The outfit must be under £100 and you can use any voucher you find on the website to help you. For more information, head on over to

I chose Missguided because I'm loving everything on there at the moment..

Dress - £18.99
Shoes - £24.49
Bracelet - £7.99
necklace - £7.99

I chose quite a simple little velvet dress - red for Christmas too. I actually really fancy one for myself, which is probably part of the reason I chose this one. I really like the naked patches and the way the light shines on it.

With the shoes I went for red again. I was going to choose black but it looked a bit odd. There's a VERY slim chance that I'd be able to walk in them but a girl can dream, as they say.

I'm including the necklace that's in the picture with the dress. I thought it was a really nice length and looked lovely with the dress.

With the bracelet I thought it would go really well with the necklace and also, I just thought it was quite unusual.

Altogether the whole thing only comes to £59.46 - so totally a bargain!

What do you think?

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