Friday, 5 October 2012

Vintage Shopping... ish

I did mean to post this on Monday but I didn't have time. School's just been crazy busy recently.

Anyway, I decided to try and do a bit of vintage shopping last weekend as Edinburgh's got so many little vintage boutiques. I went by myself because I felt like I'd be able to get better stuff when I could just spend as long as I wanted in each shop. I targeted the Grassmarket and the surrounding area because it's like vintage central. You've got Armstrong's, Herman Brown's, Godiva and Lady JoJo's Boutique all within a 5 minute walk of each other, as well as a number of dusty, cosy-looking bookshops. 
 This is what I wore -
shorts:Urban Outfitters

 Bookshop near the Grassmarket ¦ Victoria Street ¦ 2 of my friends ¦ bikes ¦ yellow cab!

I went into Herman Brown first and it was really lovely in there. I could tell everything was hand picked and it was all laid out so nicely. I SO almost bought a Wrangler's denim shirt for £24.99 but in the end I decided not to. Next I went into Godiva which was really lovely too. It has a mix of vintage and designer stuff mixed together and, again, everything was beautiful and hand picked. I didn't buy anything in there either.

Then I walked along to probably Edinburgh's most well-known vintage shop - Armstrong's. This was a different experience. I walked in and the first thing that hit me was the smell. It has that really musty old people smell that you get in old charity shops. The second thing was the clutter. Unlike the other two I'd been into, I sort of felt like this stuff had just been bunged in there. However, I wasn't put off. It's definitely one of these shops where you'll find some UH-MAY-ZING stuff if you're one of these people that has the patience to root around in really pretty dire things. After a while, I figured I'm not so much one of these people as I thought I was. The smell and the busy-ness of the shop just got to me and I decided I'd better leave. 

When I came out I decided it'd probably more fun if I'd brought a friend along so today after school, a couple of friends and I went up again and this time I had a MUCH better time. I still didn't buy anything but I found a whole load of stuff I really liked and we had a really good time laughing at all the really bad stuff. I guess I'm just not a lone-wolf, huh? HA!

Do you like vintage shopping? Where do you go?


  1. I love Edinburgh, it's beautiful! I think your style is amazing too. (: xx

  2. Great photos! xx

  3. Edinburgh looks like such a beautiful place, love the photos! I've never bought anything vintage before, although some of my friends have bought some gorgeous pieces before

  4. i love the shorts, they are gorgeous!

  5. I wish I was nearly as stylish as you at 15!!! Also, I love the name of your blog!


  6. Great blog
    love your looks


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