Friday, 19 October 2012

My Scrapbook/ old things

I'm very keen to remember everything that happens in my life, hence this blog. I've always been REALLY bad at keeping a diary because I just can't write when I know it'll only be me that's reading it. I find it so difficult. I do keep a scrap book though, and anything I collect that doesn't go in my scrapbook goes in my 'archive' box. I just thought it would be quite appropriate if I showed it all to you since this blog is basically just one big scrap book!
The first 4 pictures are from my Scrapbook. Basically anything that means something, and some things that don't mean anything, gets stuck in. I've got everything from birthday cards to train tickets to little sketches.

The rest of the pictures are from my 'archive' box. This is a tin with all the overflow from my scrapbook. I love looking thhrough all this stuff because I come across stuff I'd completely forgotten about, like little notes my best friend used to write to me when we were about seven and stories I wrote in primary one. I've put in some scans of some of the things I have in there, like a sheet of limericks, which I have to say, I'm still pretty proud of, and a story called "Hattie on Holiday" (a masterpiece, if you ask me). You can also see there a letter I wrote with my friend to Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter, addressed to 'Dan' from his 'biggest number 1 fans'. As you can see, we asked him if he could get us a part in the movie as we had a sense of humour and were patient so we could wait between scenes. What is also obvious, is that we never got round to sending that letter off, which is probably why I never starred in Harry potter.

In my box I also found a delightful story about a man named Rosh who ran over his daughter in a tractor and killed her, a word bank from a reading book I read in primary school and a zine I made a couple of months ago (you can read about that HERE )

Do you have a scrapbook?


  1. I love this! I used to love scrapbooking but its something i stopped doing overtime.

    I have a memory box where i keep all little bits and bobs that hold a special memory to me, i have tonnes of train tickets, cinema tickets and all sorts in there - im like you in the respect i like to remember everything thats happened.

    Definately need to start scrapbooking again - brilliant post, lovely!
    Natalie xx

  2. Aww your scrapbook is fab :) I always start one and don't get very far :( xx

  3. I would love to have something like this, to be able to flick through and remember. Right now, i have all my memories on my board :)xx

  4. i love your scrapbook, it looks amazing!

  5. Haha, I love the letter to Daniel Radcliffe. It's a shame he never got it, I'm sure the gold writing would've solidified your chances of being in the film.

  6. I tried something like this a little while ago and could never keep up with it :3 xxx


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