Friday, 21 September 2012


Oh hey.
I've not posted in a little while because I've been away in London with my family as we've just had a long weekend here in Scotland. The last time I was in London was on a school trip about five years ago so I didn't remember all that much. Of course, we did all the usual sight-seeing, which I can't say I was too fussed about to be entirely honest with you. I was in it for the shopping. Oh yes. 5 floor Topshop? YES PLEASE!
Over the week or so before we went down to London I seemed to magically accumulate about £80 and I have absolutely no idea how I managed it. Money just seemed to appear in my purse. Anyway, whatever. That meant I had a nice little stash to spend in London. Some people might argue that going shopping in London when you go to the same shops you would at home (i.e. my dad) is stupid but everything is bigger and better in London. In fact, Topshop was so big I barely knew where to start and I didn't even nearly get a chance to look at everything.

In the end I got a few nice things that I'm really happy with and can't wait to wear them. I wish school wasn't on this week so I could wear them!
 Shorts: Urban Outfitters £22.50 (I think)
I've actually been really wanting some dip-dyed shorts for a while now. I was planning on dying a pair myself but then I came across these in the Urban outfitters sale for something like £22.50. I'm not sure exactly. Now, considering they're from the Urban renewal section of Urban Outfitters, are Levis's and were reduced from £45, I thought it was a decent deal, no?
Blouse - Topshop £22 (or something)
The Topshop in London was mind-blowingly big. It was almost so big that I couldn't be bothered looking round but, you know, I struggled through. I eventually decided I liked this burgundy blouse because it's quite an unusual colour and I really like the lacey detailing.
Shirt: Zara - no idea how much this was. Sorreh.
I bought this pyjama-style shirt in Zara becuase I've been looking for a similar one for yonks.
Top: H&M £19.99
This is like, seriously, so warm and comfy and I have pretty much lived in it since I got back from London. I really like the picture and the colour and the material is nice and thick so it keeps you lovely and warm!

So that was shopping in London!



  1. I love London and I know the TopShop there is massive, you could easily spend all day in there!
    Cute clothes, I especially like the blouse, such a pretty colour

  2. I live about 30 minutes away from London by train and I prefer to go shopping there! I think it's the atmosphere of London I love most! x

  3. I love shopping in London but have never been in the Topshop there because I know all my money will magically disappear! I love the striped shirt and jumper (: xx

  4. Love the blouse, I'd love to visit London x

  5. I also want to go to London :(

    I love every piece u bought♥♥


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