Sunday, 23 September 2012

Money Supermarket Blog Competition

Ok so I don't usually do this - post twice in one day - but I came across a blogging competition earlier that I decided to enter as the closing date is tomorrow. It's the Money Supermarket 'Passion for Fashion' competition. This involves putting together 5 outfits under the headings 'party', 'casual', 'work', 'first date' and 'outdoor' all under £200. There's a particular emphasis on Autumn/Winter wardrobe. You can read more HERE.

Dress: Asos - £36
Shoes: Boohoo - £25
Earrings: Miss Selfridge£8.50
 I really like this outfit. It's pretty simple but bold at the same time and I love the sequin bands on the side of the dress. I also matched the studs on the shoes with the big triangular earrings.  It comes to a total of only £69.50 so it's a bargain too!

 Top: H&M - £7.99
Jeans: Urban Outfitters - £45
Ring: - £6
Bag: Asos - £44
Bracelets: River Island - £10
Shoes: Boohoo - £25
This outfit's great because it's perfect for lounging about in on the sofa drinking hot chocolate or a day out. The jumper/top is particularly good because it's quite thick so it's great for keeping you warm in Autumn/winter. Proper shoes, rather than pumps, are always a must during winter because you don't want to have cold feet! I just love the ring too! It's really unique and quite a bargain too. Overall, this outfit is a bit more expensive at £137.99.

First Date
Blouse: Topshop - £35
Skirt: Topshop - £20
Shoes: Topshop £32
Socks: Topshop - £3.50
Ring: Urban Outfitters - £8
Earring:s Urban Outfitters - £6
Bag: Asos - £28
I think out of all of them, this is my favourite outfit outfit. It's really girly and pretty but I think it would also be really comfy. Again, proper shoes to keep your feet warm and the addition of frilly socks for extra warmth! The whole outfit comes to a grand total of £132.50

Hat: Accessorize - £15
Jacket: Zara - £59.99
Jeans: Missguided - £24.99 
 Shirt: Urban Outfitters - £25
Bag: Urban Outfitters - £20
Boots: New Look - £19.99
Earrings: £2
 With this one, I just think that jacket looks so cosy! And the hat too! And come to think of it, the boots. What more could you want than an outfit that keeps you warm and lookin' pretty huh? This one comes to £166.97.


  Dress: New Look - £24.99
Shirt: Asos - £25
Belt: Asos - £12
Tights: New Look - £9.99
Shoes: Boohoo - £15
Bag: Boohoo - £25
Here, I put in tights to keep your legs warm and also, I suppose the chunk heel would stop you from slipping around so much in winter. The shirt also has long sleeves to keep you warm! I think the dress is also really pretty and because it's made of thick material, also helps keep you warm and toasty! The whole outfit comes to £111.98.

So that's it! Which is your favourite?


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  1. i really love all of the outfits you put together! so cute! xx


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