Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How I do my messy bun

Oh hi.
Today I want to show you how I do my messy bun, especially since it's a bit of a hair staple for me. Now, this is really quite a weird thing because I've never seen two people do their messy bun the same way. Everyone does it differently. The other thing is that no two messy buns I've done have ever been the same. It is literally different every single time.
It's really easy to do a messy bun and absolutely PERFECT for bad hair days, particularly because it works better on day old hair.
what you'll need:
All you need for this is some kirby grips (bobby pins) and a bobble or two.
Step 1:
Put your hair up into a high messy pony tail on the crown of your head. Leave some loose bits at the sides of your face and make sure the pony tail itself is nice and loose. You don't want it scraped back.

 Step 2:
I know this sounds weird but split your pony tail into two and then tie it in a knot. Don't pull it too tight.

Step 3:
Collect the 2 ends of the knot into one handful and wrap them around the knot, securing it with the kirbys as you go.
Step 4:
So you're left with this kind of loose mass of hair. Use a few more kirbys to secure this to your head and tuck away any crazy fly away parts, unless you want them there to really make it a 'messy' bun.
And there you go. One messy bun. How easy was that? I know right?



  1. love it! it looks natural,cozy and beautiful!

  2. i dont knw why i always love the way you 'make' your hair style!

  3. I have been trying to perfect the messy bun look for aaaages; this is like a shiny beacon of light from heaven! <3

  4. My messy buns only work with day old hair or when my hair is in curls! My hair is pin-straight and thin... bad genes. Love how you do it though, so cute! xx

  5. I love how you did this! The bun looks fantastic and I loved your step to step instruction. It helps that you're super cute ;)

  6. Love the step-by-step! I've never thought of tying it before.

  7. Love this! This is such a great technique too.



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