Tuesday, 25 September 2012

DIY - Lace Accent Shorts

I found a little strip of crotchet-lace type stuff in my cupboard the other day and I thought it was really pretty so I thought I'd have a go at sewing it onto a pair of shorts. I liked them so much that I decided to share it with you!

What you'll need:
>An pair of shorts or cut off jeans
>A strip of lace or crotchet type stuff 
>A needle and thread (and VERY minimal sewing ability. Even if you've never sewn in your life, you'll be able to do this!)

Step 1:
 Measure and cut off a strip of lace at least long enough to go along the edge of the pocket.

Step 2:
Sew along the edge nearest the hem of the pocket. Now I have possibly the worst sewing machine skills EVER and so I'm always on the look out for DIYs that either don't require sewing at all or only require very minimal, manual sewing. If you're the same as me, you'll be glad to hear that as long as your thread matches the colour of your lace your stitches don't have to be neat at all! Make sure you only sew through the pocket, rather into the leg of the shorts (been there, done that!)
Then, when you're done, repeat on the other side. Cut of any excess material from the ends.

Step 3:
Measure a nice long strip of lace that will go all the way around the bottom hem of one of the leg holes. It's worth cutting it a bit longer because you don't want to sew it all on and then realise you've not got enough.

Again, sew this down around the top edge of the lace. I'd suggest starting at the front inside seam on each leg because, as I found, going from the back of the inside seam to the front is really fiddly work whereas back to front seems easier. Don't ask me why.
Do the same with the other leg.

Step 4:
Cut another two short pieces of lace and so them onto the back pockets!

And that's you done. Pretty easy and wonderfully girly, huh?!


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Money Supermarket Blog Competition

Ok so I don't usually do this - post twice in one day - but I came across a blogging competition earlier that I decided to enter as the closing date is tomorrow. It's the Money Supermarket 'Passion for Fashion' competition. This involves putting together 5 outfits under the headings 'party', 'casual', 'work', 'first date' and 'outdoor' all under £200. There's a particular emphasis on Autumn/Winter wardrobe. You can read more HERE.

Dress: Asos - £36
Shoes: Boohoo - £25
Earrings: Miss Selfridge£8.50
 I really like this outfit. It's pretty simple but bold at the same time and I love the sequin bands on the side of the dress. I also matched the studs on the shoes with the big triangular earrings.  It comes to a total of only £69.50 so it's a bargain too!

 Top: H&M - £7.99
Jeans: Urban Outfitters - £45
Ring: Hannahmakesthings.com - £6
Bag: Asos - £44
Bracelets: River Island - £10
Shoes: Boohoo - £25
This outfit's great because it's perfect for lounging about in on the sofa drinking hot chocolate or a day out. The jumper/top is particularly good because it's quite thick so it's great for keeping you warm in Autumn/winter. Proper shoes, rather than pumps, are always a must during winter because you don't want to have cold feet! I just love the ring too! It's really unique and quite a bargain too. Overall, this outfit is a bit more expensive at £137.99.

First Date
Blouse: Topshop - £35
Skirt: Topshop - £20
Shoes: Topshop £32
Socks: Topshop - £3.50
Ring: Urban Outfitters - £8
Earring:s Urban Outfitters - £6
Bag: Asos - £28
I think out of all of them, this is my favourite outfit outfit. It's really girly and pretty but I think it would also be really comfy. Again, proper shoes to keep your feet warm and the addition of frilly socks for extra warmth! The whole outfit comes to a grand total of £132.50

Hat: Accessorize - £15
Jacket: Zara - £59.99
Jeans: Missguided - £24.99 
 Shirt: Urban Outfitters - £25
Bag: Urban Outfitters - £20
Boots: New Look - £19.99
Earrings: £2
 With this one, I just think that jacket looks so cosy! And the hat too! And come to think of it, the boots. What more could you want than an outfit that keeps you warm and lookin' pretty huh? This one comes to £166.97.


  Dress: New Look - £24.99
Shirt: Asos - £25
Belt: Asos - £12
Tights: New Look - £9.99
Shoes: Boohoo - £15
Bag: Boohoo - £25
Here, I put in tights to keep your legs warm and also, I suppose the chunk heel would stop you from slipping around so much in winter. The shirt also has long sleeves to keep you warm! I think the dress is also really pretty and because it's made of thick material, also helps keep you warm and toasty! The whole outfit comes to £111.98.

So that's it! Which is your favourite?


My legs were cold

So um, it's getting so cold here already and it isn't even Autumn yet. Seriously. Yesterday it was six degrees when I walked home from my friend's house at 10 o'clock (PM). SIX! Four degrees less and it could have snowed. I'm not actually all that bothered by the cold - in fact I really like cold weather but I am annoyed that the days of wearing shorts with no tights have pretty much come to an end. Well, not that there were many to be honest.
So anyway, I went out for lunch yesterday and I decided, despite the cold, I would try and brave bare legs. Bad idea. My legs did that thing where they go see through so you can see the veins - not a great look, it has to be said.
Top: H&M
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Owl Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Heart Necklace & Ring: Unknown
If you read my last post (Shopping in London. Oh my), you probably recognise a fair few items from my outfit. I love getting a chance to wear new things and it's even better when you can wear them together!
How did you spend your day?

Friday, 21 September 2012


Oh hey.
I've not posted in a little while because I've been away in London with my family as we've just had a long weekend here in Scotland. The last time I was in London was on a school trip about five years ago so I didn't remember all that much. Of course, we did all the usual sight-seeing, which I can't say I was too fussed about to be entirely honest with you. I was in it for the shopping. Oh yes. 5 floor Topshop? YES PLEASE!
Over the week or so before we went down to London I seemed to magically accumulate about £80 and I have absolutely no idea how I managed it. Money just seemed to appear in my purse. Anyway, whatever. That meant I had a nice little stash to spend in London. Some people might argue that going shopping in London when you go to the same shops you would at home (i.e. my dad) is stupid but everything is bigger and better in London. In fact, Topshop was so big I barely knew where to start and I didn't even nearly get a chance to look at everything.

In the end I got a few nice things that I'm really happy with and can't wait to wear them. I wish school wasn't on this week so I could wear them!
 Shorts: Urban Outfitters £22.50 (I think)
I've actually been really wanting some dip-dyed shorts for a while now. I was planning on dying a pair myself but then I came across these in the Urban outfitters sale for something like £22.50. I'm not sure exactly. Now, considering they're from the Urban renewal section of Urban Outfitters, are Levis's and were reduced from £45, I thought it was a decent deal, no?
Blouse - Topshop £22 (or something)
The Topshop in London was mind-blowingly big. It was almost so big that I couldn't be bothered looking round but, you know, I struggled through. I eventually decided I liked this burgundy blouse because it's quite an unusual colour and I really like the lacey detailing.
Shirt: Zara - no idea how much this was. Sorreh.
I bought this pyjama-style shirt in Zara becuase I've been looking for a similar one for yonks.
Top: H&M £19.99
This is like, seriously, so warm and comfy and I have pretty much lived in it since I got back from London. I really like the picture and the colour and the material is nice and thick so it keeps you lovely and warm!

So that was shopping in London!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How I do my messy bun

Oh hi.
Today I want to show you how I do my messy bun, especially since it's a bit of a hair staple for me. Now, this is really quite a weird thing because I've never seen two people do their messy bun the same way. Everyone does it differently. The other thing is that no two messy buns I've done have ever been the same. It is literally different every single time.
It's really easy to do a messy bun and absolutely PERFECT for bad hair days, particularly because it works better on day old hair.
what you'll need:
All you need for this is some kirby grips (bobby pins) and a bobble or two.
Step 1:
Put your hair up into a high messy pony tail on the crown of your head. Leave some loose bits at the sides of your face and make sure the pony tail itself is nice and loose. You don't want it scraped back.

 Step 2:
I know this sounds weird but split your pony tail into two and then tie it in a knot. Don't pull it too tight.

Step 3:
Collect the 2 ends of the knot into one handful and wrap them around the knot, securing it with the kirbys as you go.
Step 4:
So you're left with this kind of loose mass of hair. Use a few more kirbys to secure this to your head and tuck away any crazy fly away parts, unless you want them there to really make it a 'messy' bun.
And there you go. One messy bun. How easy was that? I know right?


Monday, 10 September 2012

Sometimes simple's important too

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Primark
Yesterday I had a lazy day and this was my outfit. A t-shirt and jeans. It's perhaps not the most interesting outfit you've ever seen but I feel like sometimes it's important to have those days where you lounge about and definitely don't look your best.
I'm in the process of making a really lovely little geometric collage for my room which you can see there behind the ukulele. I'm planning on writing a tutorial or something on that at some point so stay tuned.
Ah. bye.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Boohoo £50 Blogger Challenge

Hello, fancy meeting you here!
Now, yesterday I logged into my e-mail and found a very exciting e-mail from the people at www.fashionvouchers.com . Basically, to celebrate Boohoo.com making it into Fashion Voucher's 'Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites' they have launched a blogging competition. This involves putting together an outfit consisting of Boohoo clothing for £50 or under.
Now, I will tell you this is actually considerably harder than you'd think. Thankfully I had the help of Boohoo's clearance and this is the outfit I've ended up with:
JEANS - £20
TOP - £10
SHOES - £12
This all came to £47, which is pretty good because I think this outfit looks more than it really is. I tried to stay largely monochrome, apart from the shoes of course, because I'm loving black and white at the moment. I mixed the shapes as well, with the polka-dots in the jeans and the triangles in the earrings. I thought that made it a little different. I am also in love with these shoes. Like seriously, they are the prettiest most amazing things I have ever seen. Ever. I love the colour, I love the shape, I love the massive platform. To be quite honest with you, I'm in love with the whole outfit!
Anyway, what do you think?