Monday, 13 August 2012

Zine: Everything is Imaginary

Why hello fellow bloggers. How be you on this fine (or not so fine) day?

So umm, a few days ago I finally finished my zine that I showed you before I went on holiday. Hoorah! It ended up taking about a month because of a sheer lack of inspiration and the fact that I went on holiday half way through.Yes. So, for anyone who isn't entirely sure what I'm waffling on about here, a zine is a sort of home made magazine ... type thing.  haven't explained it very well. Google it. 'Magazine' is probably too strong a word for what I've made because it's pretty much a compilation of thoughts, doodles and newspaper cuttings. In fact it's probably the closest tangible thing to the inside of my brain on an average day. That is to say, it's basically a mashup of my own little world. The usual protocol is to photocopy a zine and distribute it either for money or just to spread your ideas but I'm not doing that (partly because my zine doesn't include ideas except ideas for a bunch of insults I don't use often enough, it just looks pretty). I've decided just to make the one copy and keep it for myself, which probably means it's not technically a zine but 'zine' is a cooler word than 'scrapbook' and I like calling it that, OK?

I have posted scans of a few of the spreads on here before so my apologies if you've already seen them - just keep scrolling to the new ones. I just decided to scan all the pages because I'm really pretty pleased with it.

I enjoyed making it so much that I've already started on my next one. I won't give too much away but I will tell you that all the pages are different colours. You're excited now, huh?


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