Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well that was kind of awesome

I just got back from a hot and sweaty, but overall pleasant, summer holiday to Rhodes. A lot of time was spent on the beach because I come from a family that is too lazy to rise before 10 o'clock to bags some sunloungers, although I'm not complaining because our nearest beach was beautiful.

We hired a car for three days and visited Rhodes town which was really pretty, if a little hot for my liking. We also visited a waterpark (the biggest in Europe) in Faliraki which is the party bit of the island. That was great! My sister managed to fall out of her dingy on one of the slides though, and bashed her head and seemed extremely traumatised when she eventually emerged at the bottom of the slide. It was hilarious. The next day my mum wanted to visit an ancient Greek village on the other end of the island which was deserted centuries ago and they never worked out why. Neither my sister or I were particularly keen to go and my sister made a very good point - that it was probably deserted because it was too boring. I laughed at that.

I was a religious photographer for the whole two weeks and I'm pretty sure I managed to photograph every single stray cat in our little town. And let me tell you, there were TONNES of stray cats. We had one particularly cheeky cat that would come and sleep on our balcony and would try and  sneak into our apartment when we weren't looking. Anyway though, I didn't actually realise the majority of my pictures were in black and white until I got home and looked through them. Black and whijust makes everything look so nice, doesn't it?



  1. Great pictures :) Looks like a fab holiday x

  2. Great pictures! Hope you had fun!

  3. Your right, I love black and white photographs. It just makes everything so sleek and beautiful. These shots are just gorgeous. Really wishing I lived in Europe right about now!
    xo TJ


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