Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nothing is really difficult

At the moment the Edinburgh Finge Festival is on, which is the biggest arts festival in the world. One of my favorite times of year is when the festival is on because the vibes are amazing and it makes a really good day out going uptown to watch the street acts and see all the diffrent shows that are on. It's great. I went uptown with my friends on Tuesday and it was manic.

skirt: Primark
blouse: Topshop
shoes: Topshop
I wore a button-up denim skirt with a white blouse and mint green brogues. I wish I had a pair of frilly ankle socks to go with them. I'll have to get myslef a pair from Topshop. It was quite a nice day so I didn't wear tights although we did have one torrential downpour but that's Scottish weather for you.

When you walk up the Royal Mile, which is the main street in the old town, there's a whole bunch of flyer-giver-outerers trying to persuade you to come and see there show, so naturally we had a competition to see who could get the most flyers. I won with 37 flyers, including a wooden one and a free beer mat with information about the show on the back. There was one flyer guy who said I could only have a flyer if  touched his abs. So I did. Very cautiously with one finger. For the the wooden flyer (if you can even call it a flyer?) the guy had to cut it off with a saw from a whole strip of other flyers and the only thing it says on it is "nothing is really difficult". I liked that so I've put it up on my wall. My friend Andrew was also given a flyer for a show that he was assured would - and I quote - "cure his wonky aura". What that means, I have no idea.
These are a couple of scans of som of my favourite leaflets. Some of them I like the sound of the shows, some of them I just like the leaflets. In fact, I'm thinking about buying tickets for "Bereavement the Musical" just because it has such a FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS name.

In the first few days of the festival there's also people handing out free tickets to their shows, as well as flyers, in the hope that you'll go and see their show and spread the word to your friends. My friends and I managed to get free tickets to 4 shows. We decided to go to the third one and miss the first 2 so we passed on our tickets for those and then the rest of my friends went to see the fourth one as well but I already had tickets to go and see Jimeoin with my family.

The first one we went to was called #screwtheworld. It was a bit weird to say the least. I still can't work out whether or not I enjoyed it. It was basically a whole collection of random sketches, some of which were really really good and some were just like 'wait... what even just happened?'.

The second one, the one I didn't go to, was a group called Axis of Awesome - who you might actually have heard of. They're a 'musical comedy act' who were apparently amazing, and worth seeing if you get the chance - according to my friends. Jimeoin, who you might have seen on Michael Mcintyre, was also really really good and his show was very funny - another must see if you get the chance.

I'm definitely planning on going again at some point because it's always really good and even if you can't get your hands on free tickets, you can usually see some really good shows for less than a fiver!



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Your outfit is just gorgeous too, can't believe that skirts only primark, I'm in love with it

  2. Lovely outfit, the skirt is so cute -I have one so similar to it.
    Congratulations on winning the flyer thing, 37 -impressive (:

  3. Your outfit is lovely!

  4. your outfits are always so pretty! i went to Edinburgh earlier this year and it was amazing, you're so lucky to live near it! (: xx

  5. I LOVE your outfit! So cute and those little oxfords are adorable! <3

  6. I like your outfit.


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