Monday, 27 August 2012

Weird 60s/70s vibes

As I told you in my last post, I was out at a 16th birthday party on Saturday night. It ended up being a fairly quiet but really good night. It wasn't a drunken shenanigans. No. Actually, we played board games. BUNCH OF SADOS OVER HERE right? Whatevs.
I was feeling a weird 60s/70s vibe so I wore a really bold orange patterned dress which is not something I'd usually wear. I usually tend to go for simple floaty dresses so this was a change. But you know, I kinda liked it. I put my hair in a bee hive for the full effect and I wore bright orange matching shoes. I also painted my finger nails and toe nails orange and I did a little cat eye flick. It sounds like baby sick but it's honestly not too bad!

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Hairband: Tk Maxx
What do you think?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sweet 16 cupcakes

It's my best friend's 16th birthday today so I baked her some cupcakes. Her favourite colour is blue so I went for blue and white and lots of sprinkles. 'Cos sprinkles are the best ok? I know. That seems like a crappy present but my other friends and I have chipped in to get her some new charms for her pandora bracelet and her links of London bracelet.
I'm going to her party tonight and I'm wearing a little navy collar dress with an orange belt and orange lace up shoes I bought in Topshop's sale a couple weeks ago. I'll probably do and outfit post on it tomorrow or something so come back and check it out! 

Monday, 20 August 2012

How to make your own detachable collar

Detachable collars, in my opinion, are wonderful. They make outfits so much more exciting if worn right, and there's so many different styles that you can get tonnes of different looks from them. AND they're super easy to make yourself. Virtually zero sewing experience is required and all the materials are things you probably already have in your house or can get extremely cheaply nearby.

What you'll need:

You need very few materials for this. Only:
>An old shirt. Not necessarily white - any colour you choose in fact.
>A pair of scissors
>A needle and thread
>Some materials to decorate your collar such as buttons, studs, sequens or beads

Step 1
Lay your shirt down with the inside facing up.

Step 2

Cut along the neck line seam (the dotted line in the last picture). You'll be left with just the neck band and the collar.

There! That's actually the main bit done. It seems far too easy, I hear you say? That's because the best bit is still to come. Decorating your collar.

Step 3

Decide how you're going to decorate your collar. I used these little metal studs I cut off an old top but this would also look REALLY cute with buttons, sequins, beads, glitter, fabric patches or lace. You can probably think of a whole load of other ways to decorate yours, these are just a few ideas. You might want to use thread that matches your shirt but I decided not to because I quite like it messy. And that's probably good because my sewing is atrocious.

AAAANND that is all. How easy was that?
You can obviously wear this over a high necked top or sweater like I am here but you could also wear it with a low necked top so that it doesn't actually look like you've got a shirt on underneath if you wanted to spice up your outfit a bit.

So there you go!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Oh vey

Blouse: Primark
Skirt: Topshop

I think it's important to experiment with different looks. You don't want to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of jeans and a t-shirt, do you? Today I was feeling a bit girly so I went for a floaty skirt and a baby pink blouse. The skirt and the shoes are new, actually so I also wanted a chance to wear them out. I went out for lunch so I thought it'd be alright to go a little bit more formal.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Loneliness is more or less the norm

I hate that feeling where you know school starts soon and it makes the last couple of days of the holiday really pooey because you know what lies ahead. School starts tomorrow and my tears are splashing on the keyboard as I write this because school is rubbish. I think it would be highly appreciated by all if we just had one last week where the weather would be glorious and we could spend the entire week in skimpy clothes in the back garden, yes? Well.

And see, the first morning of school is like hell on earth because you're sitting in third period thinking 'Lord help me, how will I keep my eyes open? This time yesterday I was dreaming about eating pineapples and wallowing in the glory of the summer holidays.' Although, come to think of it, I have been waking up ridiculously early each morning but I bet when I have to wake up tomorrow morning I'll have to prop my eyes open with the stubs of the pencils I'll find at the bottom of my school bag because, of course, I'm going to forget my pencil case as is my personal tradition on the first day. And then there's going to be the usual ritual of gobbling-down-as-much-breakfast-as-I-can-stomach but still feeling like my stomach is going to drop out of my bottom of hunger by lunch. And when I open my lunch I'll find that my sandwich has gone soggy and my yoghurt's burst on the inside of my bag and I'll have to walk around with muller toffee hoops stuck to my jotters for the rest of the day. Lovely. Also, I feel like the only person who doesn't 'want to get back to school to see everyone.' They've gone without seeing me for six weeks, surely they can hold on for another week, no?

Having said all that, once I get back into the routine I always start to enjoy myself because I really quite like school in general, just not after six weeks holiday. You know, the thought of leaving school has me cowering in my school shoes because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I want to do with myself, which is particularly scary given that I'm sitting my highers this year (the equivalent to A-levels) and it's the most important year yet. OH MY GOSH. I am stressing out and we've not even gone back to school yet.

When do you go back to school/work etc? Are you looking forward to it?


Monday, 13 August 2012

Zine: Everything is Imaginary

Why hello fellow bloggers. How be you on this fine (or not so fine) day?

So umm, a few days ago I finally finished my zine that I showed you before I went on holiday. Hoorah! It ended up taking about a month because of a sheer lack of inspiration and the fact that I went on holiday half way through.Yes. So, for anyone who isn't entirely sure what I'm waffling on about here, a zine is a sort of home made magazine ... type thing.  haven't explained it very well. Google it. 'Magazine' is probably too strong a word for what I've made because it's pretty much a compilation of thoughts, doodles and newspaper cuttings. In fact it's probably the closest tangible thing to the inside of my brain on an average day. That is to say, it's basically a mashup of my own little world. The usual protocol is to photocopy a zine and distribute it either for money or just to spread your ideas but I'm not doing that (partly because my zine doesn't include ideas except ideas for a bunch of insults I don't use often enough, it just looks pretty). I've decided just to make the one copy and keep it for myself, which probably means it's not technically a zine but 'zine' is a cooler word than 'scrapbook' and I like calling it that, OK?

I have posted scans of a few of the spreads on here before so my apologies if you've already seen them - just keep scrolling to the new ones. I just decided to scan all the pages because I'm really pretty pleased with it.

I enjoyed making it so much that I've already started on my next one. I won't give too much away but I will tell you that all the pages are different colours. You're excited now, huh?


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Customized mirror frame

You might have seen my post where I collected the flyers from the Fringe festival. If you did you'll probably know that I collected 37. Now, I don't know about you but there's not really much use around my house for a pile of 40 odd flyers so I decided to decorate my mirror with some of them.  I think it adds a little bit of interest to my faaairly boring room.

I also got my exam results 2 days ago and I'm SO happy. I got the highest possible mark in all of my subjects which means I can take all the subjects I want to next year for my highers. In fact all of my friends were really happy with their results and I haven't spoken to anyone in my entire year who was really disappointed.

The last few days here have been beautiful and I've been crazy busy. On Tuesday I played rounders with a couple of my friends in the park. However, only 4 of us turned up and I can conclude that 2 aside rounders - not easy. Yesterday was SO lovely that we went to the beach and even managed a half an hour swim in the sea which, I can assure you, is not warm.

what have you been up to?


Monday, 6 August 2012

Just a sprinkling of grunge

Denim Jacket: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Top: Zara

I'm getting really into my denim jacket at the moment but it's quite a weird shape and length so I'm having real difficulty actually finding things that match. I have these shorts which are roughly the same shade of denim but I can tell that at some point I will definitely end up mix 'n' matching different colours. Oh well. I suppose that's in isn't it?

I'm almost finished my zine from a few posts back now. I've still got a couple of spreads to do but it will hopefully only take a couple of days and then I'll upload some scans of the rest of the spreads. I bet you're buzzing. Only thing is I've demolished just about every magazine and newspaper I could find so I'm swiftly running out of resources. I could always print bits off but I feel like that's cheating somehow. I don't know...

I'm also getting my exam results tomorrow which is scary. It's also my sister's birthday so I'm hoping there's going to be LOADS of cause for celebration. I've made a batch of birthday cupcakes which are Mario themed because my sister's a bit of a Mario bros. fan and I will definitely upload a picture of those at some point. They're pretty cool, even if I do say so myself. Which I do. DEAL WITH IT.

Also, new header. What do you think of it? I know I've been playing with it too much but I can't seem to find one I really like.


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nothing is really difficult

At the moment the Edinburgh Finge Festival is on, which is the biggest arts festival in the world. One of my favorite times of year is when the festival is on because the vibes are amazing and it makes a really good day out going uptown to watch the street acts and see all the diffrent shows that are on. It's great. I went uptown with my friends on Tuesday and it was manic.

skirt: Primark
blouse: Topshop
shoes: Topshop
I wore a button-up denim skirt with a white blouse and mint green brogues. I wish I had a pair of frilly ankle socks to go with them. I'll have to get myslef a pair from Topshop. It was quite a nice day so I didn't wear tights although we did have one torrential downpour but that's Scottish weather for you.

When you walk up the Royal Mile, which is the main street in the old town, there's a whole bunch of flyer-giver-outerers trying to persuade you to come and see there show, so naturally we had a competition to see who could get the most flyers. I won with 37 flyers, including a wooden one and a free beer mat with information about the show on the back. There was one flyer guy who said I could only have a flyer if  touched his abs. So I did. Very cautiously with one finger. For the the wooden flyer (if you can even call it a flyer?) the guy had to cut it off with a saw from a whole strip of other flyers and the only thing it says on it is "nothing is really difficult". I liked that so I've put it up on my wall. My friend Andrew was also given a flyer for a show that he was assured would - and I quote - "cure his wonky aura". What that means, I have no idea.
These are a couple of scans of som of my favourite leaflets. Some of them I like the sound of the shows, some of them I just like the leaflets. In fact, I'm thinking about buying tickets for "Bereavement the Musical" just because it has such a FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS name.

In the first few days of the festival there's also people handing out free tickets to their shows, as well as flyers, in the hope that you'll go and see their show and spread the word to your friends. My friends and I managed to get free tickets to 4 shows. We decided to go to the third one and miss the first 2 so we passed on our tickets for those and then the rest of my friends went to see the fourth one as well but I already had tickets to go and see Jimeoin with my family.

The first one we went to was called #screwtheworld. It was a bit weird to say the least. I still can't work out whether or not I enjoyed it. It was basically a whole collection of random sketches, some of which were really really good and some were just like 'wait... what even just happened?'.

The second one, the one I didn't go to, was a group called Axis of Awesome - who you might actually have heard of. They're a 'musical comedy act' who were apparently amazing, and worth seeing if you get the chance - according to my friends. Jimeoin, who you might have seen on Michael Mcintyre, was also really really good and his show was very funny - another must see if you get the chance.

I'm definitely planning on going again at some point because it's always really good and even if you can't get your hands on free tickets, you can usually see some really good shows for less than a fiver!


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well that was kind of awesome

I just got back from a hot and sweaty, but overall pleasant, summer holiday to Rhodes. A lot of time was spent on the beach because I come from a family that is too lazy to rise before 10 o'clock to bags some sunloungers, although I'm not complaining because our nearest beach was beautiful.

We hired a car for three days and visited Rhodes town which was really pretty, if a little hot for my liking. We also visited a waterpark (the biggest in Europe) in Faliraki which is the party bit of the island. That was great! My sister managed to fall out of her dingy on one of the slides though, and bashed her head and seemed extremely traumatised when she eventually emerged at the bottom of the slide. It was hilarious. The next day my mum wanted to visit an ancient Greek village on the other end of the island which was deserted centuries ago and they never worked out why. Neither my sister or I were particularly keen to go and my sister made a very good point - that it was probably deserted because it was too boring. I laughed at that.

I was a religious photographer for the whole two weeks and I'm pretty sure I managed to photograph every single stray cat in our little town. And let me tell you, there were TONNES of stray cats. We had one particularly cheeky cat that would come and sleep on our balcony and would try and  sneak into our apartment when we weren't looking. Anyway though, I didn't actually realise the majority of my pictures were in black and white until I got home and looked through them. Black and whijust makes everything look so nice, doesn't it?