Saturday, 16 June 2012

Who wouldn't enjoy shopping in the rain?

Today was a good day, the kind where it rains but you don't really care. I had the orthodontist in the morning (guys guys guys! I'm getting my braces off next thursday - thank the lord!) and my ortho is about a 10 minute walk away from the centre of town so I walked up there after and had a little shopping spree. It was absolutley pissing down rain, excuse my French, but I had a good time anyway. I spent a Topshop card that's been hanging out in my purse for months, so that was satisfying.
This was from Topshop for £18. I'm pretty sure I'm in love. Aren't you? This is so me! It definitely fits in with my current tastes and the material is really nice and thick so it'll hopefully last a long time.
Also Topshop, £20. I'm a lover of anything aztec or colourful so these are just the best things? Like ever? In the history of my wardrobe? And they are so rediculously comfy. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat - pffft... more like Amy and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Leggings.
These shorts are £10 from Primark. The pattern is so cute, non? Little flamingoes - aw. Again, patterned and colourful.

I also bought a couple of pairs of black jeans but I assumed you'd be able to use your imagination so I didn't take any pictures. I appologise if you're a weirdo that thinks in text. Ha.

A couple of things particularly pleased me today. Firstly, that they offered me the hangers in Topshop which always enhances my shopping trip because I am constantly stepping on them on my bedroom floor and am always on the look out for new ones. Secondly, I was able to use my Young Scot card to get a considerable discount in Topshop too. Woohoo!

Posts have been few and far between in the last few weeks and I apologise. I've been spending a lot of time slowly sifting through the junk on my bedroom floor. You can't actually see the floor except at a few designated points that I've memorised for getting from the door to my bed, my wardrobe and my curtains. It would be fairly precarious if I hadn't taken these precautions, I'll tell you.



  1. shopping is always good! you have bought some really great stuff ;)

  2. I came to your blog via Dayzee from Style Dynamite (I saw you by her followers, I clicked on you, on your link,,,, whatever) And I really love your style! I'm following you now!
    Can you follow me back? if I have 50 I will do a giveaway!
    xoxo Zoë

    ps. Thoooose flamingo shorts are waaay tooo awesome!
    p.s.s. my blog is

  3. I love all this! shorts are cute and top and leggings are cool!:)xo

  4. Love the flamingo shorts :) x

  5. These things are all sooo adorable!
    I wouldn't wear the leggins but they're definitely something really special and the shorts are jsut sooo cute and the top is too cool!

    xoxo Jenni

  6. I love those shorts, the flamingos are so cute!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  7. Nice picks!! :) love the aztec printed leggings, the tops and the short! flamingos! <3

    btw, I have an international giveaway. Maybe you're interested :)

  8. love the first top! looks very rock`n`roll chic! xx

  9. love the first top see your a topshop girl LIKE ME!!

    new follower =)
    check out my blog in your spare time

  10. I need those shorts in my life! It always makes me smile when they offer you decent hangers aha! (: xx

  11. teeny flamingos! i love it

  12. LOVE the Aztec legginsgs!



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