Sunday, 3 June 2012

Handwritten Saturdays on Sunday

Keeping in mind I did write this yesterday... I must apologise for the fact that you can barele see the writing too.


  1. Haha this is cute ;) I really like your handwritten posts, they're so special :)
    As for the summer holidays, I'm spending one week in the Netherlands and that's about it^^ I should really get a job^^

    Maybe you could do some sort of outfit-DIY?


  2. your blog is too cute! wanna follow each other? xx

  3. Such a sweet idea to do hand-written posts, I love it! Your blog is very sweet. :)

  4. Hello beautiful, I knew your blog, this great, you have great style.

    I follow you.

    You are invited to my blog, I hope your visit.

    A huge kiss, PersonalStyle.


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