Saturday, 30 June 2012

Week in Paris

You may know already, but I was in Paris all of this week. Yes - be jel. It was absolutely eye-wateringly amazing. The weather was good, Paris was beautiful and I had such a good time. It was with my school's music department (I'm in the choir) so we were travelling around doing different concerts but a whole load of touristy stuff was chucked in there too. (*Cough* Disneyland *cough*).
We're a Scottish school so our dress code was kilts or tartan skirts. We had a lot of interested Parisians taking photos of us actually. On the left is my friend Detta and on the right is our bag-piper (is that even a word?).
We didn't manage to get tickets for the Eiffel Tower because it didn't fit with the time of one of our concerts but we went up the Montparnasse tower instead which, in a way, was almost better because it's actually quite a lot higher and we could get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.
A slightly disorganised group photo to finish.

Paris is so pretty. You can really see what all the fuss is about. Our hotel was on the outskirts of Paris so driving in at rush hour everyday gave us a lot of time to take in the surroundings. If you've been to Paris you've probably seen the grafiti that is so rife in the outskirts. You'd think it would take away from the beauty of it but some of it really is amazing and I felt like the grafiti actually told its own backstory. It seemed to me like the lack of grafiti in the centre of Paris indictated the difference in class and I felt like the better-off Parisians were sort of 'covering up', for lack of a better word, the way in which the poorer half live. I don't know, that's what I got out of it.

The other thing that intruiged me was, without offending anyone, how accurate the French stereotypes are. Or maybe I should say that everything was so 'typically' French. For example, I saw countless people riding along on these elegant bikes with huge baskets and - this one really surprised me - when we were on the metro a man came on and started playing the accordian. It was like a movie or something. The fashion aswell. You were instantly able to pick out tourists because they looked so unfashionable in comparison. It almost made me cringe. Why do Britons have such an attachment to crocs, huh? Answer me that.

Have you been to Paris?


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oh my gosh... you GUYS

I think I've fallen in love. With the Hedi Slimane Diary. I just can't...even... It's just so amazing. If you haven't had the good fortune to stumble across Hedi Slimane and his diary, go right now and check him/it out! He's my favourite photographer, for sure. I especially love the fact that all his photographs are taken in black and white and to me, there seems to be something gloriously imperfect about them.
These are all from the Hedi Slimane Diary. I can tell you're going to be spending the rest of your day mesmerised by these pictures, non?


Monday, 18 June 2012

Cor blimey

Top & Leggings: Topshop
Hairband: TK Maxx
Socks: Tesco (as embarrassing as it may be)
Converse: Amazon

It is nearly summer. Nearly. Which means I get to sleep until unreasonable hours in the morning (or the afternoon, perhaps) and go to bed at unreasonable hours at night. Today was a get-your-legs-out and put-your-long-sleeves-away day here, so I put on a vest and leggings. My new clothes in fact. (You know when you get new clothes you walk around like you've just won the lottery? That was me today.) I did end up taking the socks off cos, you know - it was warm. I went for a messy top knot 'cos I'm a top notch gal' and a big colourful bow... just because I felt like it. No reason. I've also got back into wearing stacks of bracelets. I went off it for a while but you know, I kind of like it.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Who wouldn't enjoy shopping in the rain?

Today was a good day, the kind where it rains but you don't really care. I had the orthodontist in the morning (guys guys guys! I'm getting my braces off next thursday - thank the lord!) and my ortho is about a 10 minute walk away from the centre of town so I walked up there after and had a little shopping spree. It was absolutley pissing down rain, excuse my French, but I had a good time anyway. I spent a Topshop card that's been hanging out in my purse for months, so that was satisfying.
This was from Topshop for £18. I'm pretty sure I'm in love. Aren't you? This is so me! It definitely fits in with my current tastes and the material is really nice and thick so it'll hopefully last a long time.
Also Topshop, £20. I'm a lover of anything aztec or colourful so these are just the best things? Like ever? In the history of my wardrobe? And they are so rediculously comfy. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat - pffft... more like Amy and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Leggings.
These shorts are £10 from Primark. The pattern is so cute, non? Little flamingoes - aw. Again, patterned and colourful.

I also bought a couple of pairs of black jeans but I assumed you'd be able to use your imagination so I didn't take any pictures. I appologise if you're a weirdo that thinks in text. Ha.

A couple of things particularly pleased me today. Firstly, that they offered me the hangers in Topshop which always enhances my shopping trip because I am constantly stepping on them on my bedroom floor and am always on the look out for new ones. Secondly, I was able to use my Young Scot card to get a considerable discount in Topshop too. Woohoo!

Posts have been few and far between in the last few weeks and I apologise. I've been spending a lot of time slowly sifting through the junk on my bedroom floor. You can't actually see the floor except at a few designated points that I've memorised for getting from the door to my bed, my wardrobe and my curtains. It would be fairly precarious if I hadn't taken these precautions, I'll tell you.


Friday, 15 June 2012

buttoned collars and geek glasses

blouse: H&M
shorts: Primark
shoes: Topshop
Yesterday evening my sister and I went to see our school show which, I have to say, was wonderful. We managed to sell out a very large venue where, in fact, I went to see Adele earlier this year. This is my sister you see above. Why did I photograph her and not me, you ask. There are two reasons, firstly, we didn't have time - but more importantly, she looked a lot more fashionable than me. Ha. I also just want to put it out there that those are her actual glasses. It slightly annoys me when people wear glasses with the lenses popped out.

In other news, I'm heading off to Paris with my school on Sunday the 24th so I'm raather buzzing for that. It's a 'Music Tour' as I'm part of the choir, so the choir and the various other music groups at my school will be performing at a small selection of locations in Paris through that week. Hey, if you're in Paris maybe you can pop in and see us. I'm expecting it to be fairly catastrophic as none of us know the words to any of the songs we're doing.

What have you been up to recently?


Monday, 11 June 2012

Homemade charm bracelets

I'm a fan of little pieces of quirky jewellery so, naturally, charm bracelets are right up my street. However, being fairly clumsy for one thing, and for another, not very interested in designer things, brands like Links of London are not for me. Therefore, from time-to-time, I indulge in a little jewellery making of my own. A couple of my bracelets have featured a la mon blog before but I decided to do a proper post today.

The other thing that I love about making my own jewellery - especially charm bracelets - is that I can personalise them however I want and no one else on the face of the planet will have one exactly the same. I get a lot of compliments too, and all my friends have a afavourite charm. Mine is either the robot, the umbrella, the bike or the donut. I don't know, I like them all!

Which is your favourite?


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Handwritten Saturdays on Sunday

Keeping in mind I did write this yesterday... I must apologise for the fact that you can barele see the writing too.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Stripes, florals and distressed denim

Today was another beautiful day here, after an atrocious one yesterday and, it being the last proper day of exam leave today, my friends and I hopped on a train for 20 minutes and went to the beach. We had an absolutely amazing time. We had a fire and cooked sausages and toasted marshmallows and made smores. We probably shouldn't have had a fire on the beach but ...erm... never mind. We swam in the sea for - I'm not exaggerating - about half an hour without coming out but, we must remember this is not the Mediterranean sea, and it was very cold when we got out. The boys warmed themselves up with a spot of American football, the girls sticking to sun bathing. But all in all, a good day, despite having to run for the train both ways - not easy with an enormous wind-break and various bags of edibles.
shorts(belt included): Primark
jumper: H&M
shoes: River Island
sunglasses: Claire's
Since it wasn't the warmest day ever I decided to wear a knitted jumper (no top underneath as I had my swimming costume on) but I paired it with high-wasted shorts, with my sunglasses slung on there to protect me from the sun's evil rays, and my beloved boat shoes. Indeed, they have featured in my last few outfit posts but they're just so darn comfy and suitable. They're also the epitome of beautiful if I do say so myself. Which I do. DEAL WITH IT. 

What did you do today?