Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Transitional eye shadow and home-made clothes

Right, so, yesterday, while I was supposed to be revising, I made you a little video about transitional eye shadow because people always seem to love it whenever I wear it and I wanted to share it with you. I absolutely hate the sound of my own voice, though, so please excuse my horrible mumblings.

I forgot to mention at the start, you might also want an eyeliner pencil. It's optional though.

blouse: Topshop
My mum made the skirt for me one time when I was looking for a dress on the internet and I found one I loved but it was an American website and they didn't ship to the UK or something like that, so she made me a very similar one. It didn't turn out quite how I'd planned but I still like(d) it. It sort of reminds me of Daphne out of Scooby Doo ha!

I'm making this a quick one because I need to get some serious revision done today!



  1. she made that?! i wish my mom had skills like that, i'd chain her to the sewing machine haha. it's lovely! also, love your hair do with the huge bow in the post below, you look so sweet :)

  2. cute outfit! xx


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