Saturday, 5 May 2012

Handrwitten post? For some reason?

I wrote this last night, and had intended to post it then when we were having fish and chips for tea, but my scanner went crazy. I'm not a weirdo that eats F&C for breakfast.

Pictures from We♥It
Aren't these just beautiful? I've become suddenly obsessed with this whole 70s look, hence these . I'm definitely going to have to revise my Gimp skills so I can edit pictures like these myself.



  1. Oh I like your handwriting! It looks cute ;) You also have this tendency to not simply cross out a word but completely scribble it thorugh (does that expression even exist??)

    I also like your pics and the end of your 'letter' sounded really cute ... and a bit childish^^ but in a cute way!

    xoxo Jen

  2. You're handwriting is lovely, I do the same with scribbling words! xxx

  3. Handwritten things are so much better than computer written things! A lot more personal :) love the pictures too, very vintaaage xxx

  4. Aww I thought this post was lovely, something is never seen before :)


  5. love the handwritten idea! and the Jean Shrimpton photo :')X

  6. That note was adorable! It shows how much you genuinely care! Thanks so much xxx


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