Monday, 14 May 2012

Hair tutorial: small behive

After a recent post ( I'm feeling a little nostalgic ) where I wore my hair in a beehive, there were a couple of requests for a tutorial on it, which I meant to do sooner but it slipped my mind. Oh dear. So I'm doing it now instead. This is really easy, although it can be a little fiddly until you get the hang of it. It's also amazingly quick - I've got it down to about three minutes! I'll appologise for my minimal makeup and scruffy clothing before we start. HA!

All you're going to need for this is some kirby grips,  a hairband (optional) and some hair (essential). Your hair only has to be long enough for a pony tail so don't stress. I doubt you were stressing but ech. Also, if your hair is greasy this works better so there's no need for shiny locks. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

This looks slightly odd without a fringe or similar piece of accompanying hair so if you don't have one I'd suggest you create your own. If you already have a fringe (side or full, it doesn't matter) skip this step but make sure you leave your fringe out. If you don't have a fringe, split off a section of hair an inch or two wide, and put it into your mouth to keep it seperate for now.

Gather the rest if your hair into a high ponytail right on the top of your head. You may look like a pineapple right now but bare with me! Don't tie the pony tail with a bobble, keep it in your hand.

Move your hand up your pony tail a bit, you're going to need that loose hair underneath. Twist the 'tail' part at the top as you would for a bun.

This picture doesn't really show it but next you need to get the hair you twisted and wrap it around your finger. Then, gently ease it off your finger so that it stays neatly coiled and take it in your hand.

This is the trickiest part. Roll the coiled fist-full of hair backwards towards the nape of your neck until it's touching your head. Don't roll it forwards because you need that hair at the front to cover it to create the smooth bump part of the beehive.

When you've done that, secure the roll to your head with a kirby. There will be baggy hair at the sides but just pin that back to or, if you need to, pull it up on top to cover any parts of the bump that are uneven, just to smoothen them out. At this point leave the fringey bit out.

Okay, now take your 'fringe' round the back and pin it there You can leave it like this if you want, but I think it looks a little boring.

If you want to, you can put a hair-band or a bow, or even a little barrette thingy round it just to finish it off. Pin down any last-minute straggly bits and then that's it! Ta daaa!

I'd love to see your results! Link it below if you try this out!


  1. Im definately going to have to try this, it looks so nice!
    Great tutorial :)
    Natalie xx

  2. Looks really cute, although I am ridiculously crap at styling my own hair I might just try it :) x

  3. Your hair is beautiful !

  4. just you posting this tutorial warranted a follow. i've been dying to know! xo.

  5. nice! :) I'll try that one :)

  6. great hairdo! have to try that out soon.

  7. Nice blog.Can we follow each other?

  8. I'm definitely trying this tomorrow, It look's so simple to do but so effective! xx


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