Sunday, 13 May 2012

eyeliner removal: wipes vs. baby oil vs. eye make-up remover

I'm never sure which product(s) to buy for the removal of my makeup. My mum swears by baby oil but also buys eye-makeup remover and most of my friends use wipes and I've heard that moisturiser works too. I have really quite sensitive skin so it has to be fairly good quality, whatever I choose, and there's always the question of how much do you shell out for your chosen product. If I'm wondering this, there's surely others out there too, right? Well, your confusions will now be solved because I've decided to conduct a formal (well... not really formal) experiment.

I'm testing Derma 3 in 1 facial wipes, Johnson's baby oil and Tesco's own eye make up remover. They're all dermatalogically tested and so are supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin. These were all bought from Tesco and their prices are:
Wipes: £1
Baby oil: £1.75
Eye makeup remover: 80p

Obviously, for this to work, we're going to need to try each product out, right? So I lathered my lids in a cheap liquid eye-liner that I know to be particularly hardy during removal. For the purpose of the experiment (and of course, everyday wear) I didn't want anything that would just come straight off.

This is after one swipe with each product. I've run out of cotton wool, which I didn't realise until my eyeliner was similar to Boy George's, so toilet paper had to do the job.

As you can see, the eye make-up remover performed best and then probably the wipes and then the baby oil. Interestingly, the cheapest product did best and the most expensive, worst. In all, the wipes took 8 'wiping actions' (I don't know what to call it OKAY?), the baby oil 13 and the eye make-up remover 5. I should also mention that the baby oil sort of hurt a little, even though I applied a very generous amount (I had a little spillage I tried to use so much, actually!) and clogged up my eyelashes and left my skin horribly oily. The wipes also rubbed a bit but the eye make-up remover was soothing, gentle and effective, which I suppose means that we have a clear winner - Tesco's own eye make-up remover for 80p!

What's your go-to make-up remover?



  1. Interesting post! I actually don't wear eyemakeup often as whatever I use to remove it makes my eyes really hurt and be painful with my lenses! x

  2. Brilliant way of trying out these and great pics! I don't really like the Derma wipes,I find that they sting my eyes so it's defiantly worth giving the Tesco Eye Makeup Remover a go anyway :)


  3. for 80p thats an amazing result for tesco eye make up remover!x

  4. I always used to use wipes, and then I got into using eye make up remover but that always made my eyes sting. For the past week or so I've started using 'Ultrabland' by Lush which is a cleanser. It's pretty effective, it removes all my face make up completely, but most of my eyemake up, but I also use a wipe afterwards to ensure it's all gone.
    I've not found a product which is perfect yet!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. woah, thats super cheap for such a good product! i'll definitely have to check it out as a cheap alternative to the cleanser i'm using now :) Lovely blog! xo


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