Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Exam nails, new clothes and amazing cupcakes

So anyway, in keeping with my nail-painting after each exam, I came home from my maths exam today and got straight on with rejoicing that that's it over. After though, I had a think about possible nail-painting ideas. This is what I produced:
Just incase you were a deprived child, or if you can't tell what it is due to my shabby handi-work, it's the Cookie Monster. And that's his cookie. I've got a few other ideas cooking (ha!) for after the other exams.

My mum knows my feelings toward maths (hate, disgust, confusion, scepticism) and so as a treat for my having finished maths forever (I'm not taking it on to 5th  year), she came home with a few bits and bobs for me, the main item being a lovely blouse.

Blouse:TK Maxx
I just love the colour and the detailing on the back. It's quite summery so it'll be good to wear on cooler summer days. Also, I suppose it's fairly versatile: casual, formal, whatever.

I also made some cupcakes that look like burgers because I like burgers and I like cupcakes. Best of both worlds. Wooo. The 'burger' is actually chocolate cupcake and the ketchup and stuff is butter icing. For the sesame seeds on the 'bun' I sprinkled coconut over them. They're pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Which I do.



  1. Those cupcakes are amazing! Baking is one of the many things which I am absolutely terrible at... I wish I was fab at it!
    Lovely blog. :) x

  2. love the cupcakes!!! looks so cute and yummy!:)
    Nice blouse too!:)

  3. Your cupcakes look amazing.

    From Paris with love!

  4. Lovely nails and those cupcakes are awesome! How did you find maths? I thought paper 1 was a bitch and paper 2 was really easy :/x

  5. Those cakes look fantastic
    : ]

  6. yes they are ;) and the blouse is really pretty!
    your nails are adorable! i have probably just found out what my next nail design will be ;)
    Cookie Monster forever!

    xoxo Jen

  7. i love the detailing on the blouse! and those cupcakes are genius! xx


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