Thursday, 24 May 2012

Daisy chains and sunglasses

I don't know about where you are butthe weather has been indescribably beautiful the past couple of days here. Hot, sunny, glorious. As in bare legs, sunglasses and sun burn. Yes. I was in school briefly yesterday for an exam but as soon as I got home I got my shorts on and readied myself for the sun.

On the downside, my hayfever's starting to kick in and I've already got eye drops prescribed from the doctor to avoid the ole' watermelon-face. My freckles are also starting to appear. I actually really like my freckles so I'm not too bothered about it but my cheeks have got a bit burnt and it doesn't look particularly attractive.

I'm going for a weekend away avec ma famille in St. Andrews so I'm hoping the weather stays nice at the weekend. Here's hoping.

What's the weather with you?



  1. I live just outside Edinburgh so the weather's been great, however last night we had some unexpected torrential rain! x

  2. looks like you have had i nice time and i have been sunbathing my freckles have appeared again to :/ xx

  3. really cute post! I'm in the UK too so the weather is sooo hot! But I'm only in year 10 and I have a pure black uniform which means it's BOILING at school, but I'm not complaining!

    Hannah xoxox

    1. Yeah, our uniform's navy and black too so it's roasting but we can wear bear legs and stuff, or skirts or rolled up trousers. It's pretty slack really haha!

  4. Cute post! I would love it if you checked out my blog! xo

  5. South of England is loooovely!

    PS: You have a really cute blog :) I'm a new follower!

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  6. Love theses photos, hot you keep on enjoying the weather. And I'm in agreement, I think freckles look so cute, like little kisses from the sun

  7. I am so happy about this sun we're having! Cute photos xo

  8. In Germany the weather has been beautiful for the past couple of days, too, but today doesn't look that good .... yet ;)
    Your daisy chain is adorable!
    I've got a feeling that daisies grow en masse in every single garden except for ours :/


  9. super amazing outfit photos! :) the weather in Berlin is just perfect: sunshine sunshine sunshine :)

  10. Pretty summery pictures :)

  11. lovely photos and blog! xx


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