Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bruised legs, floaty skirts and scrap booking

As your eyeballs can see, my legs roughly resemble a couple of mouldy bananas at the moment. Honstly, do you not think all of these bruises on my legs are ridiculous? They're actually a lot worse than you can see here in person.  I have no idea how they got there. It's fairly unsightly to be quite honest, so I'm not entirely sure why I've chosen to post this on the internet. Perhaps it adds to the quirkiness of the picture? The skirt's an H&M number. It's so comfy I've virtually been living in the thing, especially since it has 2 layers for extra warmth on a chilly day. Adimttedly, the bare feet probably wouldn't help towards being warm. I love having bare feet though. If I could go to school in bare feet I would.

This is the first page from my newish scrap book which is really a large mish-mash of everything, but that's what it's supposed to be right? I love having all these things that right now mean absolutely nothing to me but  in 20, 30, 40 years time they'll mean so much more: things I'd lose if I didn't take care of them now. Amongst them is a train ticket from Edinburgh to North Berwick, a sticker from the mueseum of flight (I'm a bit of a sticker fan), a bus ticket, a biro doodle, a (slightly out-of-proportion) sketch of a woman.

Do you scrap-book? What's in yours?



  1. I love scrapbooks but I unfortunately don't have one, I plan to start one when I have more free time, I do have a Wreck This Journal though x

  2. I scrap book! I love keep all the insignificant things together - because like you said one day I'll be happy I did it!

  3. never thought of doing a scrapbook, thats such a good idea! x

  4. The skirt is lovely, and don't worry I always have bruises on my legs as well
    Bex xx

  5. The skirt is goregous, and I really love that picture. The stairwell is so vintage also haha ;) :) lovely blog! Keep it up

  6. I'm also one of these people who gains SO many bruises from nowhere. Or I'm just super super clumsy, either way. My legs are very similar!
    Love the scrapbook too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  7. this scrapbook page is beautiful ;) I'm about to start scrapbooking, maybe I'll show something^^

    I also get bruises everywhere, usually from running into things. Like, I lately found out that the bed of my mum and dad - which they've been having for at least the whole 18 years of my life - actually does have edges which hurt quite a lot when you hit them^^

    xoxo Jen

  8. I get mysterious bruises alot, I never remember how I got them. Cute scrapbook. annnd I LOVE STICKERS! Much more than a 22 year old should haha


  9. Love Scrapbooks. We put a little of everything in our scrapbooks. All tickets stubs,invites,and cute little characters in ads and magazines that we can cut out. In the 6th grade a boy took out his dull pocket knife and 'sawed' off a lock of his hair and give it to us as a kind of love its in the scrapbook!
    Have a great weekend!

    Love, Joann xoxo


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