Sunday, 6 May 2012

60s picture slides and cine film (PICTURE HEAVY!)

Living in a fairly old house, we have a whole load of little cubby-holes all over the place. Indeed, yesterday my mum and I ventured down the trap door under the stairs down into the foundations of the house under the floorboards (we also have two cellars and an attic) where we keep all our junk. Christmas decorations, rock-climbing gear, winter jackets, photo frames. Everything which we either don't have room for, or it has exhausted its use inside the house. Anyway, when we were rooting around in piles of old school clothes and bags of soft toys, we came across a humungous pile of cardboard boxed filled with all my mum's old pictures (in slide form) and cine films from when she was younger that she got when her mum died. Naturally, they hadn't been looked at for about 10 years so we took a couple of boxes up with us to look through.

It was a treasure trove of old photos. We must have looked through about 500 photos. And that wasn't even one box. Remember yesterday, I was saying I'd fallen in love with, 60s/70s photo effects? These were like that. My mum's dad was a bit of a photographer and some of his photos were simply beautiful, chocablock full of classic cars etc. You have to look at them through one of those little slide viewers, which was kind of fun actually. Enough of my babbling though. I'd better show you some of these. Before I do though, keep in mind they're a LOT clearer in real life because I had to try and poke my camera lens through the viewer.

This is one of my granny picking oranges. It's definitely one of my favourites.

I found this really funny. It's my granny carrying my uncle in a box.

There's a LOT of photos of people on bikes for some reason!
Until my mum was two, her family lived in Iraq (before everything that's going on there now) because her dad had a job there. Some of his photos from there are beautiful too. They also went travelling very often so there's hundreds of photos from various family holidays.
I hope you enjoyed all of these? Aren't the colours just wonderful?


  1. Wow these are so cool! My mum found some old school play videos last week and I laughed so hard watching them last night! x

  2. love the photos!! I love looking through photo albums:)

  3. I love taking photos and I can spend hours just looking through old photo albums. These photos are really good, much better than the ones I take!!! xoxo

  4. I love these photos, I found a load of old family pictures from the 60s/70s the other day and it's was wonderful looking through them all- I'm totally addicted to the retro effect of old film cameras. xx

  5. Wow what a find! They are really lovely photos, how nice it must be to have those memories and stories from the photos!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. these photos are amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. Amazing! There's nothing I love more than old photography, the digital age has spoiled the feel of photography in my opinion. :(
    Lovely blog. :) x

  8. These photos are AMAZING! Love the effect on old photos, there is nothing better :) xxx

  9. old photos are always great and i really love those bike-photos haha. great post! x


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