Thursday, 31 May 2012

Small Barry M makeup hall

Liquid eyeliner: £4.79
Wink eye marker: £4.59
Kohl pencil: £2.99
Nail varnish: £2.99

Boots have a 3 for 2 deal on all Barry M eye products at the moment so I took decided to treat myself, especially since I've not done a beauty post in a while. I've desperately been needing a new kohl pencil and a new liquid eyeliner as mine have run out but I just bought the marker because I've read about them but never actually tried them so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Obviously the nail varnish isn't for your eyes so it doesn't count, I just thought it was pretty.

I tried this one first and as you can see, the packaging isn't particularly enticing but I think 'less is more' probably does apply in this situation. The bottle isn't very big so I'll probably need to re-purchase again soon but but that's not much of a problem because at £4.79, it's not too expensive. The brush is very fine which helps in creating a smooth, straight line and it doesn't come out of the bottle absolutely dripping or covered in clumps, like some liquid eyeliners I've tried.

I've had this on all day so far and it seems to be pretty durable. It hasn't crumbled and rolled down my face in flecks and it hasn't faded to a dark grey colour. I'd definitely recommend it.

This was an interesting one. I first read about these on Sprinkle of Glitter in a post about graffiti eyeliner pens. This isn't a 'graffiti' pen as such, but it's the same idea. Now I don't know about you, but the packaging on this one appeals to me a LOT more and when I saw this in the shop, I had to pick it up and find out what it was because the bottle is so puuurdy. Again, it wasn't too expensive at £4.59. You might be put off by the fact that the 'brush' part as it does vaguely resemble the tip of a permanent marker. I admit, I was a bit put off too, at the thought of drawing on my face with a pen and being stuck with it if it was in fact permanent - but I assure you it's not a permanent marker and does indeed come off without too much effort. My patch test on my hand revealed that much.

I haven't been wearing this all day although I did try it out in a little cat-eye flick earlier. It seemed great from what I gathered then. If you find liquid eyeliner difficult to get a straight line with, this may well be the product for you as, to me, it seems easier to avoid wonky lines with this. My only criticism is that the tip of the pen is quite thick and it's a little tricky to get a thinner line.

Again, Barry M seem to have gone for less is more here and I think fair enough. With a kohl pencil, I'm just looking for something simple, good quality and a good price. If the pencil was covered in an OTT pattern I probably wouldn't have picked it up. I tried this out today too and I'm pretty satisfied. The tip isn't one of those awful ones where it's so hard it scratches your eyelids and leaves them sore (ouch). It's soft and glides over your lids with ease and smoothness - what I'm looking for in a good kohl pencil.

Ahhh. The colour of this. You GUYS! It reminds me of Christmas, Valentine's day and Halloween all rolled into one. Seriously. I'm not usually a shimmery person ( a Twighlight vampire) but this was just really unusual and at £2.99 it was definitely a good buy. The shade is red glitter in case you like to know these little details. It does take 2 coats if you want to wear it on its own, although come to think of it, I didn't apply a base coat. Naughty. On the other hand though, you could wear it as a shimmery overcoat on top of a different colour if you wanted to.

So, on the whole some good buys and I'd recommend each one.

Do you have any of these?


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Leather jackets, boat shoes and fish tail plaits

jacket: Topshop
blouse: Primark
shoes: River Island

Today... I finished my exams! *wipes away tears of joy*. I cannot express my happiness to you right now. It's an overwhelmingly amazing feeling. I'm now just going to start stressing about the results but there's nothing I can do to change it now, huh?

I'm going to the cinema today for a celebratory film. I'm not sure exactly what we're going to see yet but I really want to see Moonrise Kingdom. It looks so cute. And it's set in the 60s. Oh.

I'm also going to the beach at some point, which is going to be slightly weird, given the current weather but oh well, live life to the fullest, no?


Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunshine, shorts and sunburn

Sunglasses: Claire's
Top: Zara
Shorts: Cubus (in Norway)

I've been up north all weekend and the weather was glorious, as I think it was everywhere. We visited 2 different beaches and swam in the sea at both. It was surprisingly pleasant. I managed to badly sunburn my arms, which wasn't good but I slapped on some factor 50 and got on with it. At least they'll be nice and brown soon!

On Wednesday I have my last exam so I'm virtually shaking with joy at the moment. My mum's taking me to Nando's for lunch on Thursday and I might head to the outdoor pool near my house with my friends if the weather stays nice. (Fingers crossed!)

How was your weekend?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Daisy chains and sunglasses

I don't know about where you are butthe weather has been indescribably beautiful the past couple of days here. Hot, sunny, glorious. As in bare legs, sunglasses and sun burn. Yes. I was in school briefly yesterday for an exam but as soon as I got home I got my shorts on and readied myself for the sun.

On the downside, my hayfever's starting to kick in and I've already got eye drops prescribed from the doctor to avoid the ole' watermelon-face. My freckles are also starting to appear. I actually really like my freckles so I'm not too bothered about it but my cheeks have got a bit burnt and it doesn't look particularly attractive.

I'm going for a weekend away avec ma famille in St. Andrews so I'm hoping the weather stays nice at the weekend. Here's hoping.

What's the weather with you?


Monday, 21 May 2012

New header

I know, I know, I changed my header yet again but I just couldn't resist. I played around with my sidebar as well so let me know what you think. I just wanted something a bit more... classy I think. And now my header matches my favicon which is good.

I feel it's important to have a nice header because if I come onto someone's blog and they have a horrible, tacky-looking header, it does make me judge. I know that's not good; don't judge a book by its cover and all; but I'm pretty sure you're all guilty of it too, no? I didn't want something too over the top, but nothing too simple either. It's a tricky business finding the right balance huh?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Scrapbooking, saddle shoes and lace trim socks

Another scan from my rapidly-growing scrap book. Thankfully it's got one of those elastic binder that keeps it shut.  I would thoroughly like to dress my dog up like this guy.

At the moment I'm lusting after a pair of saddle shoes and some lace trimmed socks. I so nearly bought a pair in Topshop today (the socks) for £3:50, but in the end I decided against it. To me, they're the epitome of girlish vintage, especially worn together and look delectably wonderful. I'm definitely going to have to invest at some point.

I've been using Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme (ironically demonstrated here on my hand) of late and may do a review at some point. Yes?

SUMMER is almost here. I can tell because my next door neighbour is wearing shorts and no shirt and mowing his lawn. That only means one thing - the days are heating up. Exams need to hurry up and be finished so I can be out in my back garden enjoying the sun too. Perhaps not semi-naked though - it's not THAT warm, my neighbour must just feel the heat. I went into town today so I went for playful and summery, to sum up the weather. This is the first sunny day there's been in about 3 months.

Top: New Look
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: River Island


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Grunge on a tripod

Oh hey. Yesterday my mum came across a very old camera tripod while she was clearing out our cupboard. It belonged to her dad who was, I'm told, pretty nifty with a camera. ( see HERE  ) It's one of these ones with retractable metal legs and a screw top. The screw is really dodgy because it's so old but it still works with a bit of careful handling.

So um, yes, I decided to give it a go. And well, see for yourself:
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Cord trousers: Primark
Boots: New Look
Grungey huh?


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rabbit patterns and peter pan collars

The weather was slightly nicer today so I donned my short and tights and ventured into the garden.

Shorts: Primark

This has to be a quick one because I'm supposed to be revising right now. Oooh. So sorry about that!


Monday, 14 May 2012

Hair tutorial: small behive

After a recent post ( I'm feeling a little nostalgic ) where I wore my hair in a beehive, there were a couple of requests for a tutorial on it, which I meant to do sooner but it slipped my mind. Oh dear. So I'm doing it now instead. This is really easy, although it can be a little fiddly until you get the hang of it. It's also amazingly quick - I've got it down to about three minutes! I'll appologise for my minimal makeup and scruffy clothing before we start. HA!

All you're going to need for this is some kirby grips,  a hairband (optional) and some hair (essential). Your hair only has to be long enough for a pony tail so don't stress. I doubt you were stressing but ech. Also, if your hair is greasy this works better so there's no need for shiny locks. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

This looks slightly odd without a fringe or similar piece of accompanying hair so if you don't have one I'd suggest you create your own. If you already have a fringe (side or full, it doesn't matter) skip this step but make sure you leave your fringe out. If you don't have a fringe, split off a section of hair an inch or two wide, and put it into your mouth to keep it seperate for now.

Gather the rest if your hair into a high ponytail right on the top of your head. You may look like a pineapple right now but bare with me! Don't tie the pony tail with a bobble, keep it in your hand.

Move your hand up your pony tail a bit, you're going to need that loose hair underneath. Twist the 'tail' part at the top as you would for a bun.

This picture doesn't really show it but next you need to get the hair you twisted and wrap it around your finger. Then, gently ease it off your finger so that it stays neatly coiled and take it in your hand.

This is the trickiest part. Roll the coiled fist-full of hair backwards towards the nape of your neck until it's touching your head. Don't roll it forwards because you need that hair at the front to cover it to create the smooth bump part of the beehive.

When you've done that, secure the roll to your head with a kirby. There will be baggy hair at the sides but just pin that back to or, if you need to, pull it up on top to cover any parts of the bump that are uneven, just to smoothen them out. At this point leave the fringey bit out.

Okay, now take your 'fringe' round the back and pin it there You can leave it like this if you want, but I think it looks a little boring.

If you want to, you can put a hair-band or a bow, or even a little barrette thingy round it just to finish it off. Pin down any last-minute straggly bits and then that's it! Ta daaa!

I'd love to see your results! Link it below if you try this out!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

eyeliner removal: wipes vs. baby oil vs. eye make-up remover

I'm never sure which product(s) to buy for the removal of my makeup. My mum swears by baby oil but also buys eye-makeup remover and most of my friends use wipes and I've heard that moisturiser works too. I have really quite sensitive skin so it has to be fairly good quality, whatever I choose, and there's always the question of how much do you shell out for your chosen product. If I'm wondering this, there's surely others out there too, right? Well, your confusions will now be solved because I've decided to conduct a formal (well... not really formal) experiment.

I'm testing Derma 3 in 1 facial wipes, Johnson's baby oil and Tesco's own eye make up remover. They're all dermatalogically tested and so are supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin. These were all bought from Tesco and their prices are:
Wipes: £1
Baby oil: £1.75
Eye makeup remover: 80p

Obviously, for this to work, we're going to need to try each product out, right? So I lathered my lids in a cheap liquid eye-liner that I know to be particularly hardy during removal. For the purpose of the experiment (and of course, everyday wear) I didn't want anything that would just come straight off.

This is after one swipe with each product. I've run out of cotton wool, which I didn't realise until my eyeliner was similar to Boy George's, so toilet paper had to do the job.

As you can see, the eye make-up remover performed best and then probably the wipes and then the baby oil. Interestingly, the cheapest product did best and the most expensive, worst. In all, the wipes took 8 'wiping actions' (I don't know what to call it OKAY?), the baby oil 13 and the eye make-up remover 5. I should also mention that the baby oil sort of hurt a little, even though I applied a very generous amount (I had a little spillage I tried to use so much, actually!) and clogged up my eyelashes and left my skin horribly oily. The wipes also rubbed a bit but the eye make-up remover was soothing, gentle and effective, which I suppose means that we have a clear winner - Tesco's own eye make-up remover for 80p!

What's your go-to make-up remover?