Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rock pools, sunglasses and knitted jumpers

Yesterday was the last day of the easter holidays here and the weather was rather lovely so me, my mum and my sister went for a little day trip to Yellowcraigs Beach which is about 40 minutes away from us. It's SUCH a nice beach and in summer when it's warm you can swim in the sea. It's lovely. The beach stretches on for miles and there's all these rock pools and things to explore when it's not swimming weather. Anyway, we went there yesterday and took the dogs along because they love the beach. It was glorious and it was actually quite warm as long as the sun was out.

Tropical Hawaiian beach? Nope. 'Rainy' Scotland.

All the little surrounding villages you have to drive through to get there are all so beautiful as well. You really get the feeling that everyone knows everyone else.

Oh, I felt so summery with my sunglasses on, paddling in the rock pools like a 5 year old! I did find a huuuuuuge crab though. Ew.

How was your weekend/monday?



  1. sweetie you look gorgeous!!amazing blog and great photos!!you have a new folllower many kisses from,

  2. Hiya sweet blogger! I've nominated you for a blogger award so check it out on my CUPOCAPPU blog! Sorry for being unable to stop reading your blog posts :x


  3. This is such a cute post and I love you jumper! I’m currently running a giveaway, thought you might be interested?
    Take Care,
    Charlotte x

  4. you are soooooo cute!!!!!You are smiling so sweet in these pictures!!!

    I follow you from now on!!!Hope to see you @ http://lovelittlelulu.blogspot.com/
    Just for a "ride" maybe..!


  5. Love the knitted jumper and reminds me of my grandmom who used to refresh my collection every year with newer colours...miss those days of natural living.

  6. ohhh these photos are so beautiful! I so need to visit Scotland!
    They remind me of my holidays in the Netherlands^^

    xoxo Jen

  7. You're blog is just the sweetest thing! I love adorable and happy you look! xX


  8. such cute summer pictures!


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