Sunday, 15 April 2012

My bedroom

After my jewellery storage post a while ago I got a couple of requests for a room tour. Now, I'm not sure that I'm entirely comfortable showing you my room as a whole because there's bits of it that I don't like and that need clearing out but I'll certainly show you a few bits that I do like. It's going to be a pretty picture-heavy post so if you dont like that, look away now.

I moved into our spare room about 4 years ago and painted it blue with multi-coloured polka dots which, I'll admit, was pretty cool. At the time, I thought it would be so cool to have a bunk-bed type thing with a desk underneath so that's what I got. I absolutely hate that now, however, (I'm looking at new beds at the moment) and I sort of grew out of the blue spots too and wanted something a bit more grown up. So, about 2 years ago, I painted it cream and put in a cream carpet. I also painted all my furniture white, (except the bed) and you would not believe how much bigger and lighter it made it look.

"Hey MTV, welcome to my crib!" (I'm totally taking the mick)

Mirror: Ikea
Jewellery hanger: New Look

I really like this, it's like having a giant photo album on my wall that everyone can see. And it looks nice. I intend on letting it spread along the entire wall.

Frame: homemade
Bowl: Doodles ceramics
Jewellery hanger: Charity shop
Tin: an old wine tin

I just think this tin is beautiful. So...vintage. It has all my perfum and stuff in it.

This could probably do with a bit of tidying up. I do not even know why there's a rubber duck there...
terremundi: a gift

Everything on here was a gift. I especially like the 2 little momiji dolls.

The ship in the bottle says 'Leksvik' on it which the little village I stayed in in Norway. It was a gift to me from the girls I stayed with. On the bottom in says 'To Amy, love Malin and Yvonne' (the girls I stayed with)

Ahh, perhaps my favourite part? Shoes! There's about 30 pairs there and that's not even all of them.

This is where I'm sitting right now. The chair can fold out to become a spare bed and it's from the Bed Shed.
Love heart throw: Ikea

beside my bed I've got a couple of pictures I did when I was younger and some pink fairy lights, which are rarely switched on but make the room look so warm and inviting when they are. They were also a gift so I'm not sure where they're from.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed having a sneaky peak into my 'crib'.



  1. I love the momiji dolls too! I love your wall, I might copy! (: xxx

  2. I have a similar picture wall at university, its such a lovely thing to have and definitely reminds you of all the good times!

    That jewellary hanger is lovely! I definitely went through the high bed stage, I hated mine after a while too!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. I love picture walls, they are such a great way to display large numbers of photos without the expense of frames, or any commitment. I had a similar one and found it so useful to be able to adjust it at any time! Cute room :) x

  4. Definitely love the pictures on the wall! I haven't had them up since my first year at university, I need to get them back out again!

    Lovely room.

  5. Oh thanks a lot! I like your room, it's lovely ;)
    Your wall looks amazing with the stripes! I really like the last pic, too^^

    The photo wall is beautiful, I have a similar spot in my room and I love it ;)

    And the rubber duck is there because it's cute ;)

    xoxo Jen

  6. Ha I used to love MTV Cribs so I love that reference aha :) You have such a cute room! I have a really similar jewellery box to yours I got it from a charity shop, I love it! :) xx

  7. ahhh your rooms so cute .. and youve just given me a brillaint idea for a blogpost of me :) thanks


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