Thursday, 5 April 2012

Floaty skirts, buttoned collars and matching socks

Outfit: All Primark

There really is  a shortage of plain walls in my house that I can use for outfit posts. It's rediculous. The only wall that has a space half big enough for me to do an outfit post is in my bedroom and even then it's pretty tricky moving my clutter out of the picture, hence the last one, which was after I'd given up trying. I quite often use my upstairs landing for outfit posts because we have this beautiful victorian bannister/railing thingy, (which I think is actually the original since I live in a pretty old house) and it looks quite nice in pictures. The problem is, there's a slight lack of light which is why pictures that are taken in my house are quite often grainy or I've been foced to use the flash.

So, please excuse the slightly grainy pictures!

Also, I really just wanted to say thanks to all my followers, it's so nice knowing that there's people that like reading what I write! Thankyou!


  1. My house has awful lighting to, old houses have smaller windows...
    But anyways I love your outfit xx

  2. I love your skirt and socks! I have the same problem with outfit pictures, I just tend to crouch in front of my dresser and hope for the best! I 'adopted' your vintage hairstyle in a post: (: xx

  3. Love the outfit, very cute :) xx

  4. Hi Amy,
    Love your outfit.
    Beautiful pictures and pose.

  5. Love the skirt! I think I have a similar blue shirt :) Lovely outfit :)

  6. nice outfit ;) plus, I'd love to see your room :D I actually don't have a single spot in my room where I could do good outfit posts but then, i have a tiny room ;)

    thanks for your comment ;) I imagined Haymitch differently but they did a really good job on him ;) very authentic ;)
    I imagined Cinna like a tall, slender man with long dark hair and dark eyes. A bit "gay" if you understand. (no offense to anyone!) maybe a bit like Snape in Harry potter, just happier/nicer and better looking^^ (Snape is hot but in a weird way :DDD)
    I'm in the middle of the second book and I can't wait to read on and find out more about Cinna :D

    xoxo Jen

  7. aww babe! you look so adorable in that outfit! I love it though where you take your outfit post. It's really nice to see some pictures on the background. And oh, I love your accessories holder. :) Thank you for following. I'll follow back.

  8. What a very inspiring blog you got here darling.i adore your layout and banner they look so net and clean.keep it up.
    btw,following your blog now via gfc,mind to follow me back?Thanks.


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