Friday, 27 April 2012

Exam nails, oversized blouses and camera experiments

I've been mucking around with my camera and its various settings and a few editing programs (Gimp, etc.) for a few days and I wanted to just show you some of the results. You might've seen some of these pictures before but they're all re-edited!

If you read my tuxedo nails post, you'll probably know that I've decided to paint my nails with a new design after each exam. Now since I had my English exam yesterday, I thought I'd do my nails before I started on the maths revision (oh God...). I used Barry M Blue Moon for the light blue and an anonymous Claire's nail polish for the bright blue.

Also, I wanted to show you this blouse I bought a few weeks ago. I was looking for a nice baggy one that I can wear as part of a kind of smart-casual outfit and I came across this in H&M. I'm really only a 6 or an 8 but I went for a 12 because, as I said, I wanted it to be oversized and baggy.



  1. How did you find the english exam? x

  2. these photos look great! It's always fun to experiment and you got great results!
    Good luck for maths ;)

    xoxo Jen

  3. cute dress.:)

  4. I found it alright, there were a few questions I found tough but I think I managed to work it out :) search #wilf on twitter, I promise you that you'll cry from laughter :) x

  5. these photos look really good :) xx

  6. Lovely outfits!
    I like the upside down picture of you on the couch.
    Wonderful shot of your hairstyle in the 4th picture.
    Good Post.
    Lots of love, xoxo

  7. I love the blouse! The shorts are quite vintage, I can't believe they are primark! Nice find!
    great blog, I am a new follower
    hope you can pop onto my blog
    :) x

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  9. Great photos! I love the dress in the first picture :)

  10. sehr coole Fotos :) Das Kleid auf dem ersten Bild ist richtig toll :)
    liebe Grüße, Anh von tha.Darlinh

  11. Cute Pictures ,love the first Dress :)

    Lovely Greetings<3

  12. the photos look great! and i like what you did with your nails ;)


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