Friday, 6 April 2012

Chiffon blouses, waist high shorts and baby pink

Now, as I'm just about to be starting my Standard Gades soon, revision is in full-steam and it's pretty hard-going. As a little break, I went into town with my mum today for a little well-earned retail therapy. I really wasn't expecting to get much, although I did have my heart set on finally getting round to spending my Topshop gift voucher (which I didn't), but I actually came home with a few lovely bits and bobs - more than I expected, anyway. Our first stop was John Lewis where we were supposed to be looking at coat-stands but we ended up trying out all the matresses and never got to the coat stands.
There's a few lovely shops just off the high street in Edinburgh but it was raining and neither of us were up for the treck up there so we ended up just sticking to the more, sort of, mainstream shops, if you will.

blouse and shorts: Primark
I'm really not a fan of those rediculously short shorts where the hem only comes half way up down your bum (each to their own, however) so I've been looking for a pair that meet my rather fussy standards: not too short, not too long. I was almost jumping with joy when I came across these shorts hiding at the back in one of the rails in Primark, because they're exactly the right length. The blouse also came from Primark. I'd been looking at a very similar one in Topshop but at £28 pounds, it just didn't cut it. I got this one instead for £8. Very reasonable indeed.

The blouse has this big train thingy at the back which I can't say is my cup of tea so I'll probably be tucking it in whenever I wear it. I suppose it might look okay with leggings now that I come to think of it though.
(Excuse the wierd picture, I wanted the light to shine through so you could see how much longer it is at the back than at the front!)

You may or may not remember I was in Newcastle a few weeks ago and when I was there I saw this dress in an H&M. It is probably an understatement to say I fell in love. Unfortunatley, I didn't have much money left so I couldn't buy it. Therefore, when I saw it today, I had it off the rail before you could say "Oh my goodness, what a beautiful dress that is!". It was a very respectable £19.99, too.

I also got a couple of nail art pens out of Primark for £1.50. I haven't tried them yet but I'm guessing the quality is going to be arguable, given the price.

My matching sock collection has been rapidly dwindling recently so I though, ech, why not treat myself to a lovely pack of 'massage socks'. I have to say, they're not massaging my feet much but they're doing just fine as regular socks so I suppose it wasn't a bad buy.

Have you bought anything recently?



  1. I love the first outfit! I agree with you on the shorts thing, some are just too short. There's a limit.


  2. Love the shorts- definitely agree with you, for some reason the fashion is what I call 'knicker shorts' where you can literally see the girls arse. I don't understand why people find this attractive! I love the dress too :)

    I bought the primark nail art pens last week and I have to say they're surprisingly good :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. Amazing outfit <3 I really love your blouse and shorts :)

  4. Loooovvee that pink shirt, adorable! And am interested to see if the nail art pens are any good???

  5. Love your top! :)

  6. Hi! :) I included you on my blog roll.. just so you know.. and I adore your blog so much! :)

  7. Love that dress- very pretty and the colour is gorgeous! x

  8. Love the dress,and the top!xx

  9. love this dress! what a beautiful color on you!

    found the route


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