Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage anyone? (plus sport relief)

Dress: River Island

Who watched sport relief yesterday? Any dry eyes? No? Didn't think so. That little kid that David Walliams was with, he was so cute. I just wanted to squeeze him so tight and keep him safe. I'm not sure what the total came to in the end but the last total I saw was 29 million.

At school yesterday we had a sport relief day. This involved everyone dressing up in either retro sprts wear or as a famous sports person. Nobody ever takes the themes entirely seriously on dress-down days and there's always a few people that turn up as the most completely rediculous things. In my class, a boy came in in a giant banana costume and I saw another guy walking round dressed in a full yeti suit, head to toe. There was also sports activities going on around the school all day, volley ball, basket ball, football, a mile run. In fact, the football was before school and two of my friends got up at half four to arrive at school at half five for the football.

Break time was completely rowdy. We had a huge flash mob! They played the macarana over the loud speakers in the cafeteria and, I swear, every single person was dancing. There were loads of people standing on the cafeteria tables and the chairs. And then they played the cha cha slide and people were trying to do the cha cha slide on the tables. It was utter chaos. Hilarious chaos though!

(phone camera, sorry!)



  1. the flash mob sounds brilliant x

  2. billiant!!! I love it, I wish my school would do that!!

    plus your dress is really pretty and your hair looks great :D

    xoxo Jen

  3. Hahaha, that flash mob sounds amazing! Also your hair looks beautiful in those pictures :) xx

  4. Ah my sixth form used to do things like that- such good times!
    The dress looks so lovely on you, and your hair looks fab too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. Omg wish my school would do a flash mob - sounds ace! I love your dress btw, super cute!
    Hollie x

  6. Wow, I love your hair, it's so pretty! Very sophisticated. :)

  7. I love the dress and the hairstyle compliments it well! You look so pretty.

    xoxo Pamela

  8. I love your dress! I tagged you in a question and answer here: :) xx


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