Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring forward, fall back

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. You know, I think it did feel warmer today. The sun was out almost all day which helped largely, of course. It's making me so excited for summer: warmer weather, shorts, sandals, sunglasses trips to the beach. Ok, I'm probably getting a little carried away, I live in Scotland where it's likely to rain for the majority of the summer holidays. Actually, what always happens in that the last 2 or 3 days of school will be absolutely scorching, get-the-paddling-pool-out sort of weather and as soon as the holidays start, so will the rain.

There is the possibility of a holiday to America, however, including a week or so in New York, according to the reliable source I like to call my  mum. I've never been outside Europe before so I do hope that happens!

Anyway, the clocks also go forward this Saturday (spring forward!), so we're losing an hour's sleep but in the long run, I'm up for lighter mornings, or evenings, or whatever it results in.

What does spring/summer mean for you?



  1. I was just wondering whether German clocks will also go forward on Saturday (bad, I'm on a birthday)^^

    Love your pics and love the warm weather! I can't wait for summer, too, although the durrent weather is pretty close to it ;)

    xoxo Jen

  2. It'd be soo cool if you got to go to America - I'd be dreaming about it already too :)

    I love summer, I cannot wait for the warmth and to not be constantly cold. The sunglasses, the good times!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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