Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My sister is too funny for words

Now, my sister is someone in my life that I couldn't run a blog and not share with you. She is hilarious even though she doesn't even mean to be most of the time. We wrote some questions for ourselves and we answered them. Before you watch, there's a few thing I should probably let you know. FCT (my sister's favourite subject) stands for Food and Consumer Technology and is just our school's version of Home Economics. Second, the whole part about Ed Balls is sort of an inside joke which is why that's in there. Third, my mum interrupted at the end but I just left it in anyway.

We get along like 2 peas in a pod which is great and I love her so much. I'm actually sure you will too once you've watched this video!


  1. are you the same age?

    Really cute video<3


  2. I love your accent! The laughing was contagious lol

    xoxo Pamela

  3. Adorable



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