Wednesday, 14 March 2012

In which the world is monochrome

Is it just me or does everything/everyone look better in black and white? I'm pretty sure I use the black and white setting on my camera more than I use the colour setting, especially in portraits or when there's not much light. I seem to find that pictures where I've used the flash don't seem so harsh in black and white. I think it seems to iron out any blemishes in your skin and it could just be me, but it seems like there's less noise interruption.



  1. Beautiful photos - and black and white is lovely, though I do sometimes fear making my photos black and white, because colour is equally as beautiful :)

    Pip x

  2. I agree about black and white for portraits- it really does airbrush away any imperfections. Some amazingly atmospheric photos there- my favourite has got to be the street-lamp in the trees. Really stunning!
    Caroline xx

  3. You simply have a natural sense of style! Very classy pictures, you did an unbelievably great work with them!!

  4. I love your photos and I agree I love black and white photography.

  5. A lot of things look great in black and white but I actually prefer coloured pics (most of the time at least)

    I think it's best when you regularly change it because then it won't become boring^^

    xoxo Jen

  6. nice photos.
    i like the 2nd and third photos.:)
    keep going.

  7. I just came across your blog, I love photography too! The photos are beautiful, yes there is just something about black and white.

    xxx Pamela


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