Monday, 12 March 2012

In which quirky jewellery is my friend

Left to right: Primark, Primark, accessorize, accessorize

Top to bottom: Primark, homemade, charity shops

I'm one that's partial to a cute little charm bracelet or necklace when I see one. I'm the owner of a fairly large collection indeed, my absolute favourite of which is the charm breacelet I made myself. It has featured on my blog before but not for ages so I thought I'd bring it up again. I'm often to be found wearing it although the chain and a few of the charms have become kind of brass looking (the bike, the shoe). I got some of the charms from The Bead Shop in Edinburgh - the shoe, the bike, the umbrella and the strawberry. The rest are from Primark. I think my favourite is the umbrella but I'm pretty fond of the robot too. He's quite a cute little guy.

Accessorize and Primark are always brimming with quirky charm jewellery and Claire's are pretty good for earrings. I have quite a lot of earrings from Claire's actually but I was in a hurry taking these photos and the earrings must've slipped my mind. I came across recently and I fell in LOVE. Everything is absolutely beautiful and hand-made by Hannah herself. I haven't managed to get anything from there yet but I plan to in the near future, when I'm not skint!



  1. You have some gorgeous charm bracelets there. I've not seen your homemade one and it really is unique, which makes it the best :)

    I love the dove and elephant necklaces too :)

    Love Elizabeth xx

  2. I love quirky jewellery! I've also got a camera necklace, I got mine from Accessorize last year. The charm bracelets are pretty, the one with the robot on is my fave! x

  3. I am loving all of those!! I think a trip to Primark is needed!!

  4. they all look so cute! I'll definitely check out the website :D

    xoxo Jen

  5. My favourite is the one you made yourself - it's amazing! x

  6. They are so cute! Where do you get your inspiration for these photographs from?

    Please add and follow me :)

  7. These are all so cute, I am also a lover of quirky jewellery! :)

  8. Lovely pieces!
    I used to have a charm bracelet that I made myself, and I had that strawberry charm too! hehe
    I love hannahmakesthings, all her jewellery are just the cutest!



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