Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In which I wear clothes

Basically this is an outfit of the day but I don't really like calling it that. It's not a very original name, that's all! It's actually from last weekend because I've been doing work experience this week and I've been getting home every evening absolutely shattered! That's another story though.
♥ top: H&M
♥Jeans: Primark

I've been wearing my brogues a lot recently, simply becuase they're close to the comfiest shoes I own, fashionable, leather and therefore, water-proof. The water-proofness is certainly necessary as the weather is crazy at the moment. It just cannot make up it's mind. I'm not even joking. You just can't tell if you're going to be walking home in rain, sun, sleet, wind or snow. I do actually like it though, it means everyday isn't exactly the same as the last and I can vary what I wear depending on the weather. The day from the above pictures was relatively balmy, hence the sleeveless top and rolled-up jeans. You would have needed a jumper if you were heading out but it wasn't really cold.



  1. love your hair! xx

  2. pretty outfit, pretty pictures ;)

    xoxo jen

  3. Love how different these pictures are!

  4. Simple jeans and a t-shirt can sometimes be the most stylish outfit and this is most definitely stylish! And I want your hair!!

    Cat xxx


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