Wednesday, 8 February 2012

In which I turn tribal.

Well, I say tribal. What I really mean is I buy things off Amazon. No connection there at all.
Anyway, I know that loads of bloggers do a frequent eBay bargain-hunt, which is fully justified. I,  however, am more of an Amazon girl myself. I've never actually bought anything on eBay so I can't make any kind of comparison but I do often have a little look around Amazon and you're able to find such cheap stuff on there that I could probably spend a whole day on there. The downside is though, that there is just so much rubbish amongst the good stuff. One day I spent about 10 minutes trawling through pages and pages of different pritt sticks and I have no idea why.

I'll tell you what inspired this post though. I ordered a new Ipod case a few days ago and it just arrived today. I looked round my room (after excitedly fitting my Ipod into its new attire) and realised just how much stuff I own from Amazon:

 My new Ipod case. Eeeeeeh! I'll need to think of something to write on those 2 lines. Any suggestions?
 My converse are also from Amazon. I buy far too many pairs. I'm on 3 at the moment.

 Books. I buy so so so many books from Amazon because they're so much cheaper than book shops. As an avid reader, it's always good when I find books I've been wanting for a cheaper price.
And my brogues. I bought them for school in the summer and I've worn them quite a lot since then so they're a wee bit wrinkly. Maybe I should buy another pair... Ooh

My Amazon buys are usually things I've been looking at in real life (ha ha) but are too expensive or things I won't be able to get near me. I can always count on Amazon for a bargain! So log on, make an account, have a browse and then buy. Shop to your heart's content from the comfort of your bed. Oh, I may just go on now!



  1. Cute blog. Love your name :)

  2. Love the iPod case! Xx

  3. You have now encouraged me to roam around amazon looking at shoes and bags instead of sleeping...

  4. love your case! Im thinking of getting some converse to wear for college :) xx

  5. Hi Amy.
    We came by to say "Hi" and see what you are up

    'turn tribal' Very creative of you. Love it!

    We just had to rush over here to see Amy the tribal chief, or
    something like that.hehe

    We like Amazon and get most of our books from there.
    Good Post!!!
    Love, Joan and Joann

  6. Nice finds! And nice blog too:)

    I've actually never bought anything off either website, even though I do a lot of my shopping online.

    Love that cassette! I saw one with one of those just a couple of days ago and it made me seriously consider getting an iPhone;)

  7. I love the ipod case! I really want one!

  8. haha, I'm so much like you about this point! I keep browsing amazon regularly, as well, and I find so much stuff - if only I had some money^^ there just comes this time when you simply have to order 5 books at a time even though you know you won't be able to read them soon^^

    and the iPod case is hilarious! should start looking for one, too....

    xoxo Jen

  9. Love the iPod case! Need to get one for myself :P

  10. Love the iPod case!!


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