Sunday, 19 February 2012

In which I get very cold and my camera comes too

It's been so cold here lately. So so so cold, hence the skiing jacket and woolly hat. I thought it was getting warmer but apparently the weather has decided it's going to be a stupid pleb. Yesterday it was an absolutely stunning day until about half 12 when it suddenly started snowing/hailing. Seriously? Of course, true to the Scottish weather pattern, about four minutes later it was a glorious sunny day again. I was so confused. Anyway, I went rock climbing with my mum and we spent almost the whole day at the climbing arena -which is possibly the coldest indoor room you could ever be in. We were shivering like a couple of out of control back massagers after half an hour.

Today I went for a walk around the resevoir, which is quite open and although the sun was shining the whole way, it was still freezing:
I always find that cold days are excellent for pictures. I took my camera with me and I got quite a lot of really nice shots. I managed to slip in a pile of mud and was completely covered in it but apart from that, I enjoyed myself. Even the nippy cold became strangely pleasant after a while.



  1. I have only been rock climbing once but I loved it, love your photographs :) x

  2. Your wellington boots look sooo cool! I wanna have some, too ;)

    xoxo Jen

  3. I love the pictures... so beautiful and inspiring.... well done!x Marina

  4. these photos are beautiful!!!

  5. Your photos are so beautiful!

    The weather is just as messed up here - we had hail for about 2 hours and then was beautiful sunshine yesterday. Now it's so windy and freezing!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. OMG the same happened to Germany 2 days later! Super beauitiful weather until out of nothing snow fell. I was a bit depressed about it to be honest, I am so longing for spring and summer!! :)
    Anyway you defintely used the day well to take some amazing pictures :D

    xx,Anh from tha.Darlinh


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