Saturday, 25 February 2012

Denim shorts

It's been getting to that time of year, hasn't it, where you can start wearing shorts with tights, without your legs starting to resemble two blue popsicles after ten minutes? Yay! Bearing this in mind, I thought it might be time to do a bit of hunting around for a nice pair as I seem to have outgrown most of my own. I have to say, Topshop came up trumps. I loved a lot of their shorts. I'm really not particularly keen on those shorts where your bum hangs out the back so I tried to avoid putting any of that type in this post, but it's difficult to tell just how short the shorts are, if that makes sense?
♥1 - Topshop
♥2 - H&M
♥3 - Urban Outfitters
4 - H&M
5 - New Look
6 - Topshop
7 - Topshop

I think my favourite is either 6 or 3. They're just a bit different. I've also decided to buy a cheap faded pair from Primark and have a go at dip-dyeing them. I'm pretty excited. Oh, it means summer is getting ever closer! About time, too.



  1. great choice! I think my favourites are #2 and 6 ;)
    If you do the dip-dye, please tell me about it ;)

    xoxo jen

  2. Great post! I love the stripey ones and the fruity ones :) x

  3. ooh i have the H&M ones and really love number 1!xx

  4. I love the fruity ones, so quirky! x

  5. I love all of these, especially the fruity ones!

  6. lovely post and blog!


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment :) ! Have to say this is a great array of shorts - i love the topshop aztec ones
    Rose x

  8. A great look, you look very similar to KK

  9. These are very nice, but my personal choise would be to get black, dark blue of hot pink or coral shorts. That's just my taste though;)
    I love your blog, so I'm now following you.

  10. Shorts are so versatile! I would love to wear them but honestly I think my thighs would chew them up! I shall marvel at the fabulousness of everyone elses! Its a great excuse to feel all summery too!


  11. I love and want all of them!!!
    Great blog!
    Lots of love

  12. love them all!cant wait for summer:)kisses La Folie 


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