Saturday, 25 February 2012

Denim shorts

It's been getting to that time of year, hasn't it, where you can start wearing shorts with tights, without your legs starting to resemble two blue popsicles after ten minutes? Yay! Bearing this in mind, I thought it might be time to do a bit of hunting around for a nice pair as I seem to have outgrown most of my own. I have to say, Topshop came up trumps. I loved a lot of their shorts. I'm really not particularly keen on those shorts where your bum hangs out the back so I tried to avoid putting any of that type in this post, but it's difficult to tell just how short the shorts are, if that makes sense?
♥1 - Topshop
♥2 - H&M
♥3 - Urban Outfitters
4 - H&M
5 - New Look
6 - Topshop
7 - Topshop

I think my favourite is either 6 or 3. They're just a bit different. I've also decided to buy a cheap faded pair from Primark and have a go at dip-dyeing them. I'm pretty excited. Oh, it means summer is getting ever closer! About time, too.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In which I wear clothes

Basically this is an outfit of the day but I don't really like calling it that. It's not a very original name, that's all! It's actually from last weekend because I've been doing work experience this week and I've been getting home every evening absolutely shattered! That's another story though.
♥ top: H&M
♥Jeans: Primark

I've been wearing my brogues a lot recently, simply becuase they're close to the comfiest shoes I own, fashionable, leather and therefore, water-proof. The water-proofness is certainly necessary as the weather is crazy at the moment. It just cannot make up it's mind. I'm not even joking. You just can't tell if you're going to be walking home in rain, sun, sleet, wind or snow. I do actually like it though, it means everyday isn't exactly the same as the last and I can vary what I wear depending on the weather. The day from the above pictures was relatively balmy, hence the sleeveless top and rolled-up jeans. You would have needed a jumper if you were heading out but it wasn't really cold.


Monday, 20 February 2012

In which I wear a dress and go to Nando's

My friend just turned 15 last week so we decided to celbrate as she's the last one of my friends (and the last in my year) to turn 15. I felt it was a special enough occasion for a dress, so I decided on one that I've had for ages but I've only worn once:
My dress is from a little shop called Pie in the Sky. Of course, I wore it with layers - lots of them because it was bloody freezing here on Saturday night. I couldn't feel my feet by the time I got back on the bus.

I love wearing dresses, it makes me feel so feminine and pretty but I barely ever get the opportunity to wear them so when one comes around, I take ages deciding which one to wear, tights or no tights, what shoes, accessories etc. I just love taking ages to fuss over how I look and doing my make-up, but then again, what girl doesn't eh? Ha.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

In which I get very cold and my camera comes too

It's been so cold here lately. So so so cold, hence the skiing jacket and woolly hat. I thought it was getting warmer but apparently the weather has decided it's going to be a stupid pleb. Yesterday it was an absolutely stunning day until about half 12 when it suddenly started snowing/hailing. Seriously? Of course, true to the Scottish weather pattern, about four minutes later it was a glorious sunny day again. I was so confused. Anyway, I went rock climbing with my mum and we spent almost the whole day at the climbing arena -which is possibly the coldest indoor room you could ever be in. We were shivering like a couple of out of control back massagers after half an hour.

Today I went for a walk around the resevoir, which is quite open and although the sun was shining the whole way, it was still freezing:
I always find that cold days are excellent for pictures. I took my camera with me and I got quite a lot of really nice shots. I managed to slip in a pile of mud and was completely covered in it but apart from that, I enjoyed myself. Even the nippy cold became strangely pleasant after a while.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

In which Valentine's day is spent at the museum and shopping.

Well, yesterday was Valentines Day. Alright for some. Those of us who didn't have someone particularly special taking us somewhere nice had to find other methods of occupying ourselves. My chosen method was a day out at the museum in Edinburgh followed by Pizza Hut and shopping with my mum. In fact, it turned out to be a pretty good day. The museum has an exhibition on at the moment about Egyptian mummies. I was certainly up for this as I thought we might get to see dead bodies or something exciting like that. However, I was let-down when it became apparent that all we would be looking at was the wooden boxes the mummies were kept in and one bandaged mummy. There wasn't even an x-ray of what was inside the bandages. Boo. I, therefore, had a quick look in all the glass boxes and then sat on a bench as my mum trailed round the whole exhibition at a snail's pace.
The rest of the museum was slightly more exciting although I was losing the will to live by the time we came out of that mummy exhibition. They used to have this bit in the museum where they showed you old TVs and old bicycles and things but that seems to have gone with the refurbishment of the museum.
After lunch at pizza Hut we wandered down to Princes Street for a bit of well-earned retail-therapy. Despite having Topshop vouchers to spend I didn't really see anything I liked until we went to H&M where I liked almost everything. I only had enough money for a few things but there was a lot more I would have liked too:
The top and shorts were both £12.99. I bought the shorts for school to wear with tights. Technically shorts aren't allowed but no one says anything. I just bought the top because I liked it. I didn't try it on, which was a bit of a mistake as it's a 6 and restricts my breathing and movement slightly but it'll do. There weren't any bigger sizes anyway.

This top was £9.99 (I think) and I liked it because it's kinda retro but also because I liked that it had a picture on the back too. You never really see that.

When we got home, Valentine's day ended beautifully with a magnificent sunset, all pink and purple and blue. Lovely.

How did you spend your day?


Monday, 13 February 2012

10 things everyone does but don't talk about

This post is going to be a little different, I've decided. Recently I've been having a bit of a writer's block as I haven't had much to write about. I've found myself alone in the house a lot recently which got me thinking, I do a lot of weird things that I wouldn't do if there were someone else in the house. Like belting out embarrassing songs at the top of my voice and having (often agressive) arguments with myself. I figured everyone does these things, right? so I had a think about it and I've come up with a whole list of things people do but don't talk about, or even admit to.

1. As soon as someone brings out a packet of soothers or other tasty throat sweets, you pretend to have a cough. I for one am guilty of this. Soothers just taste so bloomin' good! Peach and raspberry are my favourite. Perhaps you don't go quite this far, but if you are offered a soother, just out of the owner's generosity, I'm pretty sure everyone says "Well, come to think of it, I do have a bit of a scratchy throat."

2. Having arguments with yourself. This happens solely when I am alone. The amount of times I've had a raging argument with myself, playing my part and the part of the other person, is getting out of hand. Often I have to remind myself that I am in control here, there's no need for the other person to be swearing and shouting, even winning on occasion.

3. If you see a leaf that looks crunchy on a hedge, you have to pick it off and fold it in half or if you see an autumn leaf on the ground you change your  pace in order to step on it. It's just so satisfying to feel that crunch between your fingers or under your feet.

4. Purposely changing your pace in order to avoid standing on the lines between the pavement tiles. This one's just a childish game that everyone plays at sometime. I used to have a little song that I sang as I hopped from square to square. Something about the bogeyman eating you if you stepped on the lines.

5. Suddenly realising that you're walking the wrong way so whapping out your phone and pretending to read a text then dashing off the other way so that it looks like someone's waiting for you. We've all experienced this and to avoid the embarrassment of looking utterly dopey you come up with a sly plan.

6. Crying at children's movies. Like Toy Story 3 and Bambi. I haven't watched Bambi since I was about 5 because I find it too traumatising.

7. Switching about the initials of everyone you know. Everybody knows at least one person who's name is hilarious when their initials are swapped around. I won't name names. If you've never done this, try it now. It's funny.

8. Pretending you don't speak English and 'inventing' new languages in order to have a conversation with yourself in gobbeldy-gook. Not so much now but when I was younger it was a regular occurance for me to be lying in bed making up words for my new language.

9.Looking through someone's camera and failing to take notice of pictures of anyone else but yourself. We're all guilty. You're not bothered about how nice Dave was looking last night. You only care what you look like (which was pretty fiiine, I might hasten to add).

10. Falling over and looking round to check that no-one else saw. If they did you start laughing and go "Oops, what a pleb!" If not you hastily stand up and walk off before anyone can ask you what on earth you were doing on the ground.

Most people will certainly be guilty of at least a few of these things, if not all of them. If you're not, you must be some kind of superhuman!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Read me like a book. Literally.

 Shirt: Primark
Top: River Island
Shorts Primark
Converse: Amazon
Body warmer: Internacionale

I decided to try a newspaper manicure last night, simply because I thought it looked pretty cool. I had to do it twice because it didn't really work the first time. You'll have to excuse the messiness, I'm not the best at nails, clearly. You need to use some form of alcohol to get the print from the newspaper onto your nails. The tutorial I read suggested rubbing alcohol but given that I didn't know what that was I just went round my house looking for any substance with alcohol in it. I've heard that vodka works quite well but I didn't have any in my house. I tried insect repellant, hairspray, perfume, body mist, febreeze and mouth wash. Mouth wash worked the best but Febreeze was okay-ish too. I also tried to put a picture on one of my nails but that didn't work either. For the pattern on my ring finger I used a crossword and for the larger letters on my right thumb I used a head-line.

All you need is a base colour, some form of alcohol, some newspaper and a top coat.

Step 1: Paint your nails with the base colour. I chose white just because I thought that would be the clearest colour. Then just wait for it to dry.

Step 2: Dip or spray a nail in your chosen substance and then put a strip of newspaper over it. This works like a transfer tattoo, the ink simply transfers onto your nails. Hold the newspaper down for a few seconds then gently peel it off. Repeat on the rest of your nails and then wait for the print to dry.

Step 3: Paint on the top-coat. The ink has to be completely dry before you apply the top coat otherwise it will smudge. I waited 15-20 minutes for the ink to dry.

You should definitely give this a try. You'll get loads of compliments!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Harajuku Lovers

I haven't done a review in a while so I thought I would do one today about something most girls love: perfume. I've decided to do this review on Harajuku Lovers. I have three bottles of their perfume so I'll have quite a bit to write about!

The first thing you notice is, of course the absolutely A-DOR-ABLE bottles. How cute are they? To open the bottle you simply pull of the little doll on the the top. I did have a picture of one of the dolls but my laptop's gone weird. Boo! You can get these in bigger sizes but these are just the mini versions. I think they were £12 each from Boots. Since I bought these, they've brought out a summer range and another winter range where the dolls' hair is made of felt. The names of the perfumes are all so cute too. I have 'Love', 'Music' and 'Baby' but I know they do another one called 'G'. They may do more as well but I don't about them if they do.

Anyway, they all smell absolutely to-die-for. It's really fruity and sweet. My favourite is 'Music' but they do all smell beautiful. The scent is sort of suttle and  not too in-your-face. It's just amazing to smell! I think the range is designed for teenagers simply because of the scent and the design of the bottle. I love it though. The spray button thingy is really easy to push and a perfect amount comes out. I hate when you spray your perfume and you end up completely dripping. 

The smell does wear off after a while but it probably lasts about the length of a school day so you don't have to carry the bottle around in constant fear that it might leak in your bag! They're also very cost efficient and I've had these for ages now and they haven't even nearly run out. I went through a phase of buying them as presents for my friend because they were such a bargain but all my friends have at least 2 now I think haha!

I would definitely recommend Harajuku Lovers because they're excellent. I have absolutely no criticism so what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Boots ASAP!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

In which I turn tribal.

Well, I say tribal. What I really mean is I buy things off Amazon. No connection there at all.
Anyway, I know that loads of bloggers do a frequent eBay bargain-hunt, which is fully justified. I,  however, am more of an Amazon girl myself. I've never actually bought anything on eBay so I can't make any kind of comparison but I do often have a little look around Amazon and you're able to find such cheap stuff on there that I could probably spend a whole day on there. The downside is though, that there is just so much rubbish amongst the good stuff. One day I spent about 10 minutes trawling through pages and pages of different pritt sticks and I have no idea why.

I'll tell you what inspired this post though. I ordered a new Ipod case a few days ago and it just arrived today. I looked round my room (after excitedly fitting my Ipod into its new attire) and realised just how much stuff I own from Amazon:

 My new Ipod case. Eeeeeeh! I'll need to think of something to write on those 2 lines. Any suggestions?
 My converse are also from Amazon. I buy far too many pairs. I'm on 3 at the moment.

 Books. I buy so so so many books from Amazon because they're so much cheaper than book shops. As an avid reader, it's always good when I find books I've been wanting for a cheaper price.
And my brogues. I bought them for school in the summer and I've worn them quite a lot since then so they're a wee bit wrinkly. Maybe I should buy another pair... Ooh

My Amazon buys are usually things I've been looking at in real life (ha ha) but are too expensive or things I won't be able to get near me. I can always count on Amazon for a bargain! So log on, make an account, have a browse and then buy. Shop to your heart's content from the comfort of your bed. Oh, I may just go on now!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cute Blog Awards

I don't usually like posting twice in one day but I've just remembered I was supposed to do an awards post earlier but it completely slipped my mind.

I was recently awarded the 'Cute Blog Award' by Ellie. You can see her blog HERE. You should definitely go straight over after this and have a little look around!

So here, as always, are the rules:

  • Link back to the person who awarded you 

  • Answer award questions 

  • Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog 

  • award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award.

  • So let's get on with the questions...
    1. What is your go to makeup product? 
    Hmm probably eye-liner. Or mascara. That's usually all I wear.

    2.Favourite fashion trend of 2011?
    Chunky knits!

    3. Favourite colour?
    Turquoise. I love turquoise so so so much!

    4. What was the last song you listened to?
    I was listening to Forth One a few hours ago so I think it was Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.

    5.cats or dogs?
    Dogs. I have 2. My next door neigbour used to have a cat and he always pooped all over my garden. Boo

    6.What's your middle name?
    Catharine Annie

    And something I've never shared on my blog before?
    Hm. I really don't know. I love coconut. I can never get enough coconut. I know lots of people hate it but I would eat it all day if I could.

    The blogs I'm giving this award to are:

    Ayla from
    Lindsey from
    Olivia from
    Hollie from
    Ash from
    Lizabeth? (sorry if that's wrong)
    Sara from
    Charlotte from

    I definitely think you should go to all these girls blogs. They're all great!

    I do think a whole load more of the blogs I follow are worthy of this award too, but these are just a few. I do try to pick different ones every time I give awards but sometimes I forget who I've already given them to!


    In which I demonstrate my love of vintage

    Vintage is very very in at the moment isn't it? I just love it. Everything vintage is just so beautiful. I sometimes wish I could go back to the 1940s when everything was beautifully elegant and vintage and oh, just so lovely.

    I consedered buying a lomography camera recently but I had just recieved my rather expensive snazzy camera for Christmas and of course, film is pretty expensive so it seemed slightly counterintuitive to go buying another camera when I already had a perfectly good one. Instead, I decided to hunt online for a website where I could convert my pictures (for free) to look polaroid-y and vintage. I'd heard of Rollip before but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for and Rollip sort of decreased the clarity of my pictures. I used Piknik for a while too but that's now closing down, sadly. I eventually found THIS WEBSITE . There's a whole range of effects to choose from, it's free and it doesn't lower the quality of the pictures. Yaaay!

    You should definitely give this website a go, I really like it. I will definitely be saving this one into my favourites!

    What do you think?