Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shadow puppet

I've been experimenting with shadow recently. Shadow and my camera. I was surprised at how much I was actually able to do and still get amazing results. I didn't have anyone to help me, which means all the shadow limbs are my own. Obviously I can't be in 2 places at once so the pictures needed to be edited together afterwards using Gimp 2. I put my camera on 10 second timer and then got into position. This created a bit of camera wobble and the shots that were supposed to join together didn't match exactly so the editing I had to do was a bit more advanced than I would have liked, but I managed. Here's the results:

The quality on this one is atrocious: I focused my camera too close, sorry!

What do you think? Why not have a go at some shadow pictures yourself? I'd really really like to see your take!



  1. These photos are honestly amazing! Did you take them? xxx

  2. Hello, my dear! Thank you so much for commenting and following my blog. I clicked on your page to tell you how lovely that you are, and now I want to tell you that, and that you are really cool! These photos are exquisite. You're just the epitome of a 'cool' person. I like that. Keep in touch, my love!

    Love, Etienne xxx

  3. These photos are actually incredible! I love photography and taking artistic pictures but nothing as good as them!
    Lulu xx

  4. This is so clever! Really impressive :)

  5. great blog!

    i have given it an award here:



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