Friday, 27 January 2012

Preppy. Ish.

Shirt: Topshop
jumper: Next
leggings: some sports shop somewhere

I guess I've been into a kind of preppy look recently. We have a school uniform at my school so everybody tries to put their own twist on it and mine is sort of along these lines. I wouldn't be allowed to wear this to school but I sometimes wear the shirt and the jumper (technically not school uniform but ech...) with jeans and black pumps.

With this one I just forgot to put the camera on timer so it took as soon as I pressed the shutter but I actually quite liked the result so I thought I'd keep it.

I also just want to thank all of my followers! I really can't believe how many followers I've gained in such a short space of time. I would still be blogging even if no one was reading, but it is really nice to know that people enjoy what I write. Also, thankyou to everyone who's nominated me for awards recently. I keep meaning to write my own awards posts but I just keep forgetting and, to be honest, I'd find it too hard to pick just a selection of the blogs I follow because I like every single one of them!
Thanks y'all!



  1. I like how you mismatched the colors of your shoes and sweater :)


  2. love the style of this picture and love the colour of you're all star!!
    visit my blog and follow me if u want!!!
    kiss Marika

  3. I love the jumper; I am obsessed with that colour! And thanks for following me too :)

  4. Cute outfit :) lovely jumper! I also love the colour of your converse xx

  5. I love this outfit, and really like the colour of your Converses with the jumper :)

  6. I love your converse, the colours gorgeous :) I've tagged you on my blog - xxx


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