Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Looking brill with frill?

I had wanted to do a post about play suits today but my internet has thrown a wobbly and won't let me onto some websites so that will just have to wait. I am sorry, my dear bloggers! 
I'm going to see my school production at the theatre on Friday and I am so utterly excited. Three or four of my best friends have major parts so I want to be there rooting for them. Girls will be girls though and I'm already having a dilemna  over what I'm going to wear. I have an outfit that I think I want to wear and a few other possible ideas but this is what I'm planning. Any opinions are very welcome!

I'm sorry that this is so out of focus! I've got a pink frilly cropped(ish) top, which is from Topshop and and a short black pencil skirt which, I won't lie, is from Tescos because I'm a cheap skate skint. It is just a black skirt with little pockets though, and I only buy it for school but I do actually really like it.

Just a closer picture of the top. Also, I'm wearing a necklace with a little pink rose and a teeny pair of headphones which is from Accesorize. The belt is from Primark for £1 (I think).

Opinions? Thankyou everyone, hope you have a lovely evening!



  1. very nice i like how you've put this together. I like the brown skinny belt too xx

  2. this is a lovely outfit. you should definitely wear it! hope everything goes to plan for your friends in their show.


  3. Thankyou! Glad you like it. :)x

  4. The top is cute, and i love it teamed with the skirt.x

  5. Sehr schöner blog :)
    hast du lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen ?
    liebe grüße

  6. Loving this outfit. :) You look cute!
    Oh and I followed your blog. <3


  7. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D
    xoxo Effy


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