Monday, 9 January 2012

In which the usual last-day-of-holiay rush commences.

I know that most of the English schools went back last week or today but in here in Edinburgh we're only going back tomorrow because we broke up three days before Christmas. Of course, I can't find anything that I'm looking for - maths textbook, Biology jotter, calculator, French dictionary - anything. My sister's sience folder has disappeared off the face of the Earth and I forgot to was my joggers for P.E. I informed my mum that I was dreading school and she replied with the usual "It'll be nice to see all your friends though, won't it?" I have, however, come to the conclusion that I don't care about seeing my friends as I saw them  yesterday and to be honest, I just cannot be bothered. At least it's only a 3 and a half day week though (we get half days on Fridays). Missing Mondays always makes the entire week shorter, even though it's only one less day. I feel like the week has been broken in.

I have a mix of things I'm looking forward to/dreaing this year. I'm going to see the school show next week and I'm going to Paris in June with the school. However, I'm doing a week of work experience next month in the speech and language unit of a primary school - which I am dreading. Also, I'm going to maths camp. Yes, you read right. I'm going to maths camp. I reaally don't care though if it helps me pass Standard Grade maths. Which brings me to the next thing, standard grades. They don't start till May but I am already sooo stressed and I haven't even started revising. Imagine me when I do!

Have you gone back to school yet? Are you dreading anything?



  1. Pfft maths camp, I think I can out geek you there; I went to SPACE CAMP.

    Yeah, I know I should be ashamed... And I'm sure your standard grades will go fantastic :)

  2. Well at least that actually sounds vaguely fun... The dread I have for this maths camp - Oh!


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